Shallow Ford Natural Area

I went on a hike yesterday at Shallow Ford in Burlington, NC. When I left the house is was sunny with clear skies but by the time I arrived at the park, 40 minutes later, it was pouring. Fortunately the rain slowed down before I'd gone very far and the rain stopped completely 40 minutes later.

We've had a number of days of rain at this point and you can see the effect the precipitation has on Basin Creek.

  This bridge is completely surrounded by water. One side is 6 feet from dry ground and the other is around 50 feet from the "shore."

You can barely see the bridge from dry ground on this side. The creek spread something like 50 feet on this side of the bridge.

Fortunately the path, despite being under water, was firm and easy to walk on.

I didn't see a single person on my two hour hike on the two main trails at Shallow Ford---I guess nobody wanted to cross the bridge over Basin Creek---but I did see a few deer and one really large black snake.

I wasn't fast enough to get a picture of the snake but here's a picture of one of the deer.


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