Of bosoms, money and deadwood

Since the sweet bosom of sleep no longer interests me, I decided to spend my evening reading The Templar Legacy and commencing to watch the second season of Deadwood. With the occasional thought of my new television purchase occasionally dancing in my head.

According to Amazon's reviews, The Templar Legacy isn't a very good book. It was compared to The Da Vinci Code somewhat favorably and that's damning praise to my way of thinking. Nevertheless, so far I'm enjoying it though I suspect eventually the cock will come home to roost and the book will show its true colors. In the meantime, I engage in a fool's paradise and am enjoying the novel. Some of the scenes in the book remind me slightly of a movie I watched this weekend, Constantine, starring the ever reliable Keanu Reeves. He's never met a movie he didn't fuck up. I'd be concerned even if he was just in the audience. Bad acting of that sort is highly contagious. In case you're curious--yes, I am feeling peevish this young morning. Thank you for asking.

Anyway, Constantine sucked so bad that this book is smelling like a rose in comparison. I guess Keanu is good for something. Steve Berry, author of The Templar Legacy, no doubt is far better at his craft than the questionable Reeves and his book will rise in my estimation due to my being exposed to that horrid Constantine movie.

I also watched the first 3 episodes of Deadwood this long evening and I must say that show is fucking fantastic. I think seeing so many episodes in just a couple weeks has also affected my vocabulary in some way. No doubt a blasphemous one, I'm afraid. I'm very aggrieved that HBO only saw fit to use the show for 3 seasons. I'm going to be saddened when I finish watching the 3rd season in a week or so. But at least I'll be watching it on a nice big friggin' screen. The television is slated to appear on my doorstep on January 22nd. Next Tuesday. I also purchased some HDMI cables from Buy.com tonight and they'll be here in time and Amazon sent me an Email just after midnight stating that the upconverting DVD player I ordered will be shipped later today. 56 fucking inches--that'll sure be something to see. Twice as big as the 26" that I'm using now.

Well, I'm going to go pour another glass of Pepsi and watch the 4th episode. God, I love that show. Oh, and Dell still sucks.


Cynnie said…
I love keanu reeves..but even with my intense love..i can't deny that he's a crap actor.

thats hot
Unknown said…
Dell does continue to suck.
Bobkat said…
For whatever reason it's good that you're enjoying your book and Deadwood. I just read back to your last post and that TV is going to be a beast! I have an HD TV already but it's smaller than yours. Mind you I have also taken the plunge recently and gone blu-ray via a PS3. The thing that twisted my arm was Warner and Paramount have now gone exclusively Blu-ray and it looks like Microsoft are distancing themselves from HD. I think the future is looking decidedly bluer and it looks awesome on my TV! Enjoy your TV when it arrives!
Anonymous said…
To be fair to Mr Reeves...

My Own Private Idaho would have sucked major ass no matter if he was there or not.

So, it's not always just him :)
Unknown said…
I've never heard of Deadwood but I'm glad I dropped by to see what you were up to!
SassyAssy said…
You are a bit grumpy!

Poor Keanu...so misunderstood.

Let me know how Templar is...have toyed with reading it, but not actually spoken to someone who could recommend it.
srp said…
You and my daughter have the same reaction to Keanu Reeves. The TV does sound great! (turning green here)

Why do you have insomnia?
I personally find a peice of wood has more life in it that Keanu Reeves. Well....that is probably an overstatement, but....He is, to my way of thinking v-e-r-y wooden!
I have never understood his appeal or his career....But Bless him....he does very well!

I agree with you about DEADWOOD and HNO's dismissel of it....They said there would be two TWO HOUR movies...but, nothing! I know two people on the show...Jim Beaver, who's characters name I don't remember....And "Charlie Udder"....played by Dayton Callie....Both WONDERFUL Actors....! I think I have said this before, but this is the way to watch shows like this...in this Marathon one-episode-right-after-the-other way...NOT having to wait a week or even wait till next season....!
Congrats on that BIG Tv, Dave....Enjoy, Enjoy!
Anonymous said…
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