Friday Risotto

It's like magic, takes half an hour to make but disappears in an instant. Sure tasted good! I ate most of the green stuff but I drew the line at the sprig of parsley.


David said…
Parsley B. Goode

Seriously, I am going on a sailing trip next week ( for two days)
and today is too windy for my kayak, so I will work in my yard for now. spring flowers beckon
David said…
STOP with the food pics making me HUNGRY!
Michael Manning said…
The parsley of course is a good thing too, Utenzi. Perhaps washed down by a good beverage of choice! That's what I've always read, anyway. Have a good weekend! :)
kenju said…
Parsley is good, Dave! and it makes your breath sweet. The risotto looks very good!

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