Natural Gas Pipeline in Mebane

Now the pipeline is looking a lot more like a pipeline because there's a few miles of pipe laying about.

Natural Gas Pipeline
The next step is when they weld all the pipes together. One of the workers told me that they do this above ground so that the welds can be inspected by x-rays before they lay the pipeline into the ground.

I guess you would want to be damn sure about how well the pipes are connected once you start pushing natural gas through them. Big booms are expensive and, given that the pipeline runs right behind my house, unhealthy.

Because of all the safety aspects of this phase of the work, it's going to take them 2 months before they're ready to lower the pipes into the ground. Until then, lots of dust and from time to time, mud too.


kenju said…
Yikes. Is there anything you can do about it? (short of moving, that is.)

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