Nitroflex at home

I mentioned a few days ago that I'd purchased off of Craig's List an exercise machine. A Nitroflex, to be more specific, for the grand sum of $75.

The boxes you see to the left were bought by the seller as discontinued merchandise over a year ago and stored in his back yard storage shed. You might be able to see some of the bugs and such that had made their homes on these boxes. I left them out on my deck for a few days before opening them to allow the insects to leave gracefully or die in the sun.

The picture to the left is the pieces from the box, unboxed, and up in one of my upstairs bedrooms. For the most part it wasn't difficult to move it around though two pieces were heavy and a number of them were kinda long and bulky to be wandering about the house with.

Surprisingly, this kit didn't require any extra tools. There were two allen keys and one combo wrench included in the boxes and that was all it took to put it together.

The whole thing only took about half an hour to do. And it ended up looking very techy and pretty--at least to guys. I've been told that this sort of thing often doesn't appeal to the fairer sex (and where in Hell did that nickname every come from?)

The instructions were brief and to the point. Just two pages, as seen here, and with only 10 steps.

A few steps were confusing but it was amazingly painless and only took about 30 minutes.

This is the end result. A great guy-type decoration. Suitable for any room other than the kitchen and possibly the bathrooms. Keeping it in an extra bedroom is my concession to a certain visitor that happens my way on occasion.

The apparatus works by compressing the nitrogen gas in the cylinder that sits on the arm above the bench. The greater the amount of compression, the more resistance and thus a greater work load for the muscle being exerted.

It works pretty well though with only one pivot point, that's shared by all exercises, there have to be compromises and movements that require arcs--like bicep curls, for example--don't work perfectly on this. Better are straight movements like bench presses. For $75 I think it's just great. It even came with a video and also a diet guidebook!


vicki said…
Are you certain that couldn't double as a pasta machine? Craig's list is great. I got rid of a lot of stuff in our recent move that way and since then, I used them to find an excellent dining table. I'll post a picture tomorrow.

So I was thinking about you because I now live 8 minutes from the Lincoln Park Zoo, on foot. I walk down there often and it's free so I just mosey in and visit with one or another of the animals- I don't feel as though I need to "do" the whole zoo on any given day.
Yesterday I watched the harbor seals for about an hour, completely transfixed by how they glide around like high speed torpedoes, often on their backs. The two lions were out as well, basking in the sun. I didn't have my camera and that's when I thought of you. I like your photos below. Thanks.
Claire said…
Looks pretty impressive...what is Craig's list? I'm presuming something along the lines of eBay shops???

I certainly think you got a bargain anyway!
Michelle said…
I'm impressed that you could actually put the thing together. Usually these things come with the instructions in Taiwanese!
kenju said…
That was cheap, and if you are like most people I know with home exercise equipment, once you start using it as a clothes hanger, you can consider it a bargain.
Teresa said…
I've no idea what it does... I must have tuned out with the guy techie thing statements. I'm not sure what kind of concession it is that made you put it upstairs, but it's added exercise going upstairs to use it. And since I've had various exercise equipment scattered throughout my house going unused, I think it was brilliant for you to put it together already in storage! I've always admired your genious!
utenzi said…
:-p Teresa!

Michelle, it was't very hard to put together. The instructions were scanty but direct.

Claire, Craig's List is a US based listing that essentially duplicates the function of the classified section of a newspaper. It exists in a number of US cities.

Judy, I think I'll actually use it. I'm pretty good about only buying exercise equipment that I will use. It's other types of toys that I end up not using.
NetChick said…
Looks like fun! Hope you enjoy it, Dave!

I had a piece of equipment that just got too big for my downtown lifestyle, so I too sold it on Craigslist. Great way for someone to get a good deal!
Pearl said…
Craig's list is in a couple Canadian cities too.

Looks like a good exercise tool.
Carmi said…
I admire your tenacity: I would have given up on the assembly early in the process. Or I would have taken macro photos of each and every piece as I assembled them.

I need to get out more often :)
Anonymous said…
I have a nitroflex for 5 years now and the machine works fairly well. OK exercise machine for straight movements such as bench press, tricepts and shoulder press. Not much good for bicep curls. If you are ordering this machine make sure you order extra threaded rods as these tend to wear out over time.
rufusknight said…
I have one of these too. It was left by the previous owner of my house. I'm looking for something that shows how many exercises can be done on it. I understand the bench press, but I want to do more with it. If you can help, please respond to
Anonymous said…
I have one of this for more than 10 years plus the 36"x36" poster that shows about 40 differents exercises that can be done.
Talia said…
I havent used this in years cant find manual how do you change the weight

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