Red Letter Day

Actually it's more of a black letter day now that I think about it. Amazon just shipped my Kindle 6 minutes ago and the lettering on those critters is black.

Yep. 2:32am on September 1st is when they sent the Email and I read it 5 minutes later. Gotta love this instant knowledge stuff.

I bought one of the new generation $139 Kindles that don't have the 3G connectivity. Since I don't think I'll be buying many books on impulse, I'm willing to give up the roaming capability to save some money. Fifty bucks! And until I decide if I like it or not, I'm only downloading free books ---mostly old classics--- only some of which I'll be willing to read. But this is more about deciding if I like the feel, sensation, experience of reading an electronic tablet. I really do like holding a heavy paper based hardcover book so this electronic gadget is iffy.

Well, we'll see... it's supposed to get here tomorrow!


Naquillity said…
i've always wondered if i'd like a Kindle or equivalent. you'll have to let us know how you like yours. congrats on your new purchase. hope you like it. have a great day.
Jan said…
I'm very close to ordering this Kindle. Do let us know how you like it.
Thumper said…
I *love* my Kindle...I started reading far more after I got mine, and I was a heavy reader before.

There are also tons of inexpensive books by indie writers on Amazon--books that are less than $3 and well worth it. You can get some good recommendations for inexpensive books at -- fun forum, too.
Scarlet said…
I'm glad you explained what a Kindle was Dave!
I'm quite technologically out of the loop.

I'm not sure that an electronic book will ever be an acceptable substitute for a good heavy tome and the feel and rustling of paper under your fingers...

Hope you are thrilled with your new purchase though!


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