24 in 36

Early Tuesday evening I started having nasty sinus headaches as a storm rolled over the area. No surprise there. Anyone subject to sinus headaches knows that the  changes in barometric pressure, which often accompany storm fronts, can trigger sinus issues as the pressure inside the head doesn't reflect the pressure outside the head.

Of course this is only true if the sinus passages are clogged. With many of us, that's often the case. If this clogging lasts long enough a sinus infection occurs, less time and you might run a fever as bugs spike a bit but then it goes away. Fortunately when I have problems it's usually been the latter so the "ordeal" runs its course over 3-5 days.

Today (actually yesterday since it's after midnight now) I stayed home from work because of the fever starting. Fever's an interesting thing. It can make experiences more intense even as it causes muscle aches and more frequent trips to the bathroom.

You see, I had recorded the entire season of 24 on my DVR and picked this week to watch it. In the past 36 hours, as a way to distract myself from the sinus headaches, I watched the entire season. The fever just made the shows seem more immediate.

I'd read in a number of places that the season of 24 that just ended (it's the 8th if you're curious) wasn't as good as usual. Maybe you just need to watch it nonstop but I thought it was fantastic. Of course the fever might have helped.

That poor Jack really takes a beating in every season but he never stops. It just took a little fever to keep me from going into work. Bauer doesn't stop when beaten, shot, tortured, stabbed, et cetera. And that was just the first few hours of his day. Don't try this at home, huh?

The Chloe O'Brian character (Mary Lynn Rajskub) really came to the forefront in this season which I thought was great. I've commented before on how adorable I think she is in the role. (Probably not the effect they're trying for but I like intense and neurotic women) This season allowed me to watch Chloe almost nonstop for a day and a half. Almost worth being sick.


Naquillity said…
i've not watched 24 except for a few minutes here and there. but, it was good from what i've seen. i'd like to watch it from beginning to end someday. sorry you were so sick.

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