24 Sheets

The 24 in the title refers to the television series on FOX. Jack's back!

I recorded the movie 24: Redemption when it was on late last year but I never watched it. Until now, that is. I wanted to wait until I could transition right from the movie to the new series. Tonight I watched both the movie and the first two hour episode of 24 from Sunday night. Tomorrow I'll watch the second two hour episode that aired tonight.

To break that train of thought for a moment, the "sheets" in the title refers to this wonderful new set of flannel sheets I bought from Overstock. Actually, they're made in Germany so maybe I should say "wunderbar!" Anyway, that's them over there---and the box they came in. *Ba-ba-boom* I washed them right away and man those sheets are the best ones I've ever had. And even on sale, the most expensive ones too. Anyway...

That Jack is pretty amazing. I thought the movie was a little slow compared to the television series but it was still very entertaining. But I'm already impressed with the 7th season of the 24 tv series. And since the last season two years back was a little lackluster, this is a welcome change.

The timing is great and this season brings back my favorite character as well. Chloe O'Brian played by the adorable Mary Lynn Rajskub. She brings entire new meaning to the description "quirky." But enough about my obsession with quirky women...

Get a load of these wonderful sheets. The color kinda comes out right in these two shots. They're described as "taupe" and if that means "rich brown" then it's accurate. This first picture was taken right after I removed the sheets and pillowcases from their packaging. The picture below was after I washed them and put them on my bed. They're so fuzzy it's almost like petting a kitten before its fur fully grows in. Wow!

The sheets were originally $60 but I couldn't quite pull the trigger on the purchase so I left them in my shopping basket for about 5 days. On the 4th day Overstock sent me a notice letting me know I'd forgotten something in my basket and then on the next day they sent me a coupon for $10 off the sheets. At $50 I decided it was worth it and placed the order. I'm very glad I did. They're just so darn soft! If they hold up well after 4 or 5 washings, I think I'll order another set. I've only got one set (now two) of winterweight sheets and the old set is over 10 years old. While still technically flannel, they're so threadbare from 10+ years of washings that they're just not fuzzy at all anymore.

I also bought a blue fleece blanket that you can see in that top photo for $19.99 just to make sure that my bed keeps me warm. I do hate being cold when I sleep!


We also love flannel sheets and even $60 is a good price for a queen set. I bought some 1000 thread count sheets for us recently and they are so thick that we haven't switched the flannels yet! Soon....
Diane Mandy said…
A very belated Happy New Years, Utenzi. I'm with you on 24 and just so excited it's also available via iTunes! I'd hate to miss it,
kenju said…
You need what I have - a heated mattress pad. It keeps my bed toasty all night!
jan said…
On 24 Rene looks like a winner, another exciting female to join Chloe instead of these dull women of past years, except for Nina, of course.

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