sure sign

A sure sign you need to mow your yard is when rabbits can hide in the grass,

This rabbit is doing a half way decent job of staying under cover. I'm going out right now to take away all that lovely grass. He can always go to the back yard and have a meal there.

It's too damn hot to mow the entire yard so I'll settle for the front third.


kenju said…
You're darn right! It's too early in the year to be this hot - although I love it.
Blond Girl said…
You see, I always thought it was when your neighbors complained to the city - which is what we finally had to do with the house down the street. Understand, though, that this is in the midst of a nice suburban street in the midst of manicured lawn after manicured lawn, not anywhere near a country type setting, which is where you appear to be. Besides, that bunny looked pretty happy.

BTW, Remember when you you used to come by my old blog, Rants, Raves and Revelations of the Blond Girl?

I had to close that blog out, but I've started a new one, Highlights of the Blond Girl. If you feel like it, drop by. I'm at

Hope you're doing well!

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