Spies are Coming

Chuck is returning for its third season a week from tonight. It's normally a Monday night show but they're starting it out on Sunday. I really like the show so I'm glad it's coming back. It was so close to cancellation I suspect someone must have cast spells on network executives to get it back on the air.

On second thought, if casting spells really worked then Eastwick, a show about witches, would have made it. I think that show's only got one more episode left---or maybe last week's was the final hurrah. I guess spells aren't as effective as good writing---and being placed in a good time slot, of course. 

The main spy that's returning though is good ole Jack. 24 is hitting hard with a two hour premiere on Sunday, January 17 and another two hours the next night on FOX. I expect it'll be two intense nights of television. And high-def makes it so much better! To celebrate I went online earlier today and bought the first 4 seasons of 24. I checked out the prices at Amazon and they were 50% off of retail ($24 down from $48) but at Best Buy they're selling the Season DVDs of 24 for just $14. It's amazing. That's something like 70% off. And 24 is better than most movies and lasts 10 times as long. Wow.

Another spy that will be back soon is Michael Weston. Burn Notice gets underway on January 21st. I hope this season is as good as the first season (and a lot better than the past two!)

Spies really seem to be popular---at least the fictional ones.


Teresa said…
No one commented, so... Never saw 24. Liked Chuck until last season. Never saw Eastwick, never wanted to, happy to hear it's going bye-bye. I like Burn Notice... not sure what you didn't like. Looking more forward to Leverage than any of them (Yeah... I know. It's not a spy show!)
Nikki-ann said…
I can't wait for the new season of 24 :)

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