Kim and I went shopping tonight. Given our odd holiday schedules, we had agreed that I could buy her Xmas presents while I was here for New Year's.

I ended up buying her a sweater, 2 shirts, a pair of pants and these boots.

The boots are from 9 West and the best bargain of the night. We got such a great deal. They were on sale for $99, marked down 60% to $40 and we used a 15% off coupon to get them down to $34.

The sweater was pretty decent too. It's beautiful and was marked way, way, down to $20 and for a one-hour special some of the items were 50% off, including this sweater---so it ended up being $10. Insane price.

The shirts and pants are for work and nice and functional---but the boots and sweater are great. I love soft things and the leather uppers on those boots is like what you get on nice gloves.

PS The left boot looks like it has a white top--that was me making a mistake in Photoshop. I was making the sheets a gleaming white and mistakenly included part of a boot. Oops.


rosemary said…
good shopper, Dave.....happy 2010....
Teresa said…
I like the boots. I don't like boots in general, but they look quite comfortable. It sounds like it was a fun shopping outing. :)
Kim said…
I wore the boots today and they are comfortable! Thanks again, Dave.

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