Beef and Football

Natural combination, huh?

Actually I was down to the last little bit of a piece of an Eye of Round cut. It was getting a little long in the tooth so I just chopped it up and grilled it with some onions.

I added a little cheese and butter at the end to make a quasi-sauce and served it on grilled bread with a thick line of horseradish sauce down the middle.

And I watched the Longhorns get manhandled by the Crimson Tide. According to Kim (who graduated from Texas) it was all 'cause Texas quarterback standout Colt McCoy was knocked out in the first quarter with an injury. Whatever. At least my sandwich delivered the goods.


Teresa said…
LOL. Watching football in the middle of the week! Oh well... But you were helpful. Colt McCoy was some sort of inside joke on Letterman tonight. I thought maybe it was someone in the audience who introduced himself before the show. Still don't get why... but the antics don't seem so random. Hate to see injuries though!
Malibu Stacy said…
This belongs here.
utenzi said…
Stacy is a meanie! ;-)

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