Movies at Wally World

I know a lot of people have a bias against Wal-mart. My message to them: Get over it!

For those of you that don't mind doing business with good ole Wallyworld, they have some movies on special right now. There's 10 pre-release films that they're selling for $10 each with free shipping. Pretty sweet. I bought 4 of them as you can see to the left. At 10 bucks, why not?

I also bought Season 1 of The Big Bang Theory. The second season is a better deal 'cause there were more shows (17 episodes versus 23) and it costs the same but I saw each episode at least twice due to all the reruns last year. The show wasn't as popular the first year, so less reruns, and so those episodes will be a little fresher for me.

The cost savings versus on Big Bang was only something like $2 but the 4 movies cost about $7 more on Amazon, so the total savings was $30 minus the$4.48 for local taxes. And each movie is shipped free as soon as it's released. Sweet.

If it wasn't for the low price, I'd have only bought the new Star Trek movie so my total cost, in a sense, is a lot higher---but it'll be nice to see these on my pretty screen. My television is almost 2 years old now and I still love it.


carli said…
Nice, Tenz. I really wanted Star Trek but was waiting to find a great price on it. I'll have to pay shipping since there's no Walmart near me (shocking!) but their prices aren't too bad. (Now, their online customer service. . . I could write a book, but my head might explode.)
Thumper said…
I love Wally World...
ribbiticus said…
excellent choices! enjoy watching! =)
Smug said…
Not a bad deal at all!! I am going to have to check it out!
Kim said…
I can't wait to watch Star Trek with you!
I love the WM. :-) I'm a weekly regular.

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