Today at 10:30am my life became complete.

My first love was named Betsy. I met her when we were both 5. While it's true that I've long forgotten what Betsy looked like, I think that's what I'll call my new television. Anything this big deserves a name. Hell, it's bigger than Betsy and I were when we first met 40 years ago.

These are the two fellows from Best Buy delivering the set and unpacking it. Such nice fellows. Santa-like, except for not having that white beard and all.

They even carried the television into the house--just like Santa would. Maybe they're real big elves?

In any case since the tv is 70 pounds it's more bulk than weight when you carry one of these sets. 56 inches. Oh how lovely.

All that service for just $60. Personally I'd rather have picked it up at the store and then I could have used a 10% off coupon as well but there's no way I could ever fit something this big into my car. Of course since I'd have saved something like $150, all told, I could have rented a truck and still come out ahead. Hindsight is 20/20.

Here's the pretty toy sitting on a chest in my living room. And before you ask, the paint on the wall is from the original owners. Some kind of off-salmon color. Scary.

I had to scoot right into work after they delivered and set up the television so I've not had a chance to play with it yet. And I'll tell you---that wasn't something that made me happy. LOL I really wanted to play with it!

But if I lose my job I won't be able to keep my toy so... I guess work comes first. :-(

This is a new fangled type of cable that every website about HDTV says is a must have. HDMI.

They sure make hooking things up a lot easier but I've not had a chance to see what the quality difference is for myself yet.

Next up I have to sign up for a satellite provider since Time Warner's signal sucks and I want really good quality images to see on my new toy. Betsy's very pretty and she deserves good reception. :-)


Utopia said…
Congratulations on the new Love! Have you finally gotten rid of the large non-functional grand-dad?
utenzi said…
No, Utopia, that huge monstrosity is still sitting in my living room taking up space. I need to do something about that. Eventually.
Smug said…
Moving my big TV must have given you the bug! We love our Huge TV, best thing we have ever spent money on!! Welcome to huge TV club!!
GA Girl said…
Betsy looks like a keeper!
rosemary said…
Betsy looks a little flat chested.
kenju said…
So, when are you going to invite me over so I can see that new toy??? I think we should have the next meeting of HIRABA right there in your house!!
utenzi said…
Smug, you might very well be right. Mine's a few inches smaller than yours but it's big enough for me.

GG, so far I'm happy with her.

Rosemary, now that I have Betsy, I've given up on women. In the long run it'll save me money since boobs never come cheap. ;-)

Judy, by all means. I just have to convince my boss to give me a Friday off. Don't hold your breath!
Nice! I love big tvs!!
SassyAssy said…
Damn! I called those guys and gave them your new change of address in Sassyland...guess they didn't get the memo! I might have to move in, but first...really..the sick pink color must go.
Shephard said…
It sounds like Betsy has already had a good reception. lol Congrats! Oh, and just in time for LOST!

A Beautiful TV, Dave....CONGRATULATIONS! Did your new DVD come, too? Now you can see all those action movies on a screeb that is just a bit smaller than the Screens in a Mall.....! And in so much more comfort, too!
carli said…
I'm very very jealous, just as I am when someone in my building throws out a flat-screen TV box or Guitar Hero box or any box from something I don't have but want.

Interesting, you can spell Betsy with the letters from Best Buy. Enjoy her. Treat her good.
carli said…
Regarding your comment: I actually thought of your candy when I wrote that!
And thanks for the vote. 3 is in the lead right now, but it won't be the zoo--since that's the last place I went in an outer borough.

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