I didn't have to make dinner tonight.

Kim invited me over to her place for a hike and afterwards she fixed me dinner for the first time. Twice before we had dinner out but this weekend she was feeling domestic. I think it's a nesting thing.

Actually the only nests were witnessed during the hike and Kim assures me that her oven is closed. Which confused me slightly since we were about to use it. Dinner and all, y'know.

After a short shopping expedition with the good providers at Wal-mart, we retired back to her quiet cottage and played with some pots and pans. Soon after we had hamburger biscuits courtesy of her loving hands.

And this is what the biscuits looked like on the plate.

Eventually, if I can get over my current bout of laziness, I'll return the favor by inviting her to my place and make dinner for her. I'm thinking something easy and tasty like ham and cheese omelets with some fancy sauce to make it more dinnery.

Please excuse the photo quality. I took the pictures with my cell phone.


kenju said…
Were they good? If so, I need the recipe!
Michael Manning said…
Utenzi: You are making all the right moves. Keep it up! BRAVO!!!!:D)

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