Meatballs from Morocco

Last Monday I posted about a Moroccan themed dish that Melissa d'Arabian's prepared on her new show Ten Dollar Dinners (Food Network). Well, I finally got around to making it myself. You can get the recipe by following this link.

Here's all the ingredients it takes to make the meatballs and the sauce:

Let's tackle the sauce first. So, you want to chop up some garlic and onions and then saute them:

Then add in around 4 ounces of olives plus lemon zest:

Next up add a half cup of white wine and let it reduce by half:

Now we add a quarter cup of chicken stock along with 14 ounces of diced tomatoes plus all the spices and such:

Ta-dah! That's the sauce. The cumin and ginger give it some bite. Now let it hang out while we move on to making the meatballs.

First mix an egg into 2 TB of tomato paste and then add spices:

Then add in the meat-- 12 ounces or so of hamburger:

At this point grind up a third of a cup of oats and add to the hamburger along with salt and pepper:

Looks yummy, doesn't it? Well, it is raw so maybe some heat is in order.

Roll the mix of meat and spices into nice little balls and then fry 'em:

Here's what it looks like when you're done. Next time I'm going to double the amount of sauce that I make. It was quite tasty but there wasn't enough of it for me.


kenju said…
They look wonderful! Does it call for black olives or green?
utenzi said…
Green would probably be better, Judy, but I used black.
rosemary said…
See Dave.....this is why I don't cook....way too many ingredients gathered there and way too much work....if you want to invite me over and want to cook, well, that's fine....but if you come over I'll take you out...what's your pleasure...Sushi? Italian? Mexican? Good ole steak?

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