d'Arabian in Morocco

I was watching some Food Network this weekend and I caught one of those biography shows they have (Chefography) on the Pat and Gina Neely. It was quite good. They're such a great couple and I enjoy watching them interact. It's surprising they don't have more Chef-duo shows like that on. I just wish I liked barbecue more. That's pretty much all the Neelys do, and I just don't like the taste.

The other show I really enjoyed this weekend was the second episode of Melissa d'Arabian's new show Ten Dollar Dinners. If you'll recall, Melissa defeated Jeffrey Saad to win Season 5 of The Next Food Network Star. Anyway, the first episode was Perfectly-Priced Parisian and I didn't like the recipes very much and Melissa seemed a bit jumpy. Okay, she's always high energy--I should say she was jumpier than usual. But always cute as can be!

Yesterday's episode was titled Less Money, More Moroccan and the food really looked good. I plan on trying out the three recipes later this week. The main meal was North African Meatballs with carrots and couscous as the sides. Yummy.

I hope the rest of her season is more like this second episode. I'd watch anyway just cause I like her but if the food looks good it's a definite plus. Even better would be if they add Jeffrey Saad on as a co-host. They were so good together. It'd be like having another Pat and Gina Neely on the network though Melissa and Jeff wouldn't flirt like that since they're not married. Not to one another, that is.


srp said…
My daughter tells me there is some sort of show on the food network... something about cooking with Brian Boitano. Personally, I think she is pulling my proverbial leg.

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