Self Portrait

That's me down there. Not much detail and there's a reason for that, but first...

I've not been feeling very well this week and most days I've fallen asleep soon after getting home from work. Which meant that I wasn't able to sleep very much late at night when I should have been sleeping.

What does this have to do with the picture? Nothing really. I just wanted to complain. Well, okay there is a little overlap here. I went to bed early last night at 1am and that had me waking up at 5:30am which is VERY early for me. More like time to go to bed than time to wake up. So to keep awake I cleaned out my fridge and freezer of really old stuff. And went to the landfill before work with two bags of garbage.

Since I was being so good about errands, after work I got around to doing a few others. For quite some time I'd intended on getting my hair cut and today I did it. Finally. And that is the reason for that picture. I tried 5 times to get a good picture of my haircut and each time it sucked. And this is the 6th picture---I turned the camera away from me and towards the bathroom mirror in frustration. The result is a picture of everything except my hair. Ta-dah! Sometimes I hate cameras!

In any case, the haircut person went a lot shorter than expected. I am seriously shorn. So there's no garbage on my deck and no hair on my head. Nice.

Anybody like that movie Mama Mia? I watched it tonight and thought it sucked so bad. Yet, oddly enough, many times in the movie I was thinking it was fun. But seriously, even though it was kinda fun it really really sucked. And there's a reason some stars lip synch, it's cause they can't sing. A few folk in this movie should have realized that. Talk about an assault on the poor ears. And they did it with Abba songs! Talk about a double whammy of nasty. *shudder*


Teresa said…
LOL. That blob at the top of the picture reminds me of those knock-your-block off robotty things my brother's had as a kid. Congrats on the early morning clean up... my fridge and freezer could use a good purge. Feel free to come on over.... I agree about Mama Mia. Though I personally don't mind Abba, the whole thing was inane and I honestly can't believe they couldn't have found a few singers to put in the movie. The girl who played the daughter was really good though -- I didn't realize she could sing, so that was a good surprise. Still, I found I couldn't recommend it to anyone and usually don't admit to having seen it. Shhhhhh!
kenju said…
Lighten up, Dave. Hair grows back and the movie WAS fun, in spite of some bad singing.
Thumper said…
Well, there IS hair in the picture...just not the hair you intended.

And I am ashamed to admit that I liked Mama Mia. I wouldn't want to see it again, unless I was a little bit drunk, but it was fun. Pierce Brosnan should never sing again, but it was still fun. And thank you, now the song Mama Mia is running through my poor head...
I haven't seen the movie, probably won't - just not that interested. However I think you should embrace your new hair! I love really short or no hair on guys. :-)
utenzi said…
I think Pierce Brosnan had a great "look" for the part but his singing was scary bad. And you're right Teresa, the daughter was pretty good with her singing. I didn't like her but I have no idea why. Good voice and pretty---but something annoyed me. Odd.

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