Good Eats, Alton Brown and a nasty rabbit!

I was watching a show on Food Network tonight and the subject, as you can probably guess given the title of this post, was Good Eats and narrated, of course, by Alton Brown.

If you're not familiar with the show, here's the description of it from the Food Network site:

Pop culture, comedy, and plain good eating: Host Alton Brown explores the origins of ingredients, decodes culinary customs and presents food and equipment trends. Punctuated by unusual interludes, simple preparations and unconventional discussions, he'll bring you food in its finest and funniest form.

...or you could look at the very good summary of Brown & Good Eats on the Wikipedia site.

Anyway, this show was an hour long and is about the creation of the Good Eats show and some of the behind the scenes shenanigans that go on. Tonight was the first showing of it, but it's going to be on 5 more times in the next week. Of course my main interest was to learn more about the infamous W, the saucy sexpot of the show. While it was slightly disappointing to learn that she's actually Brown's chiropracter--it was good to see her. Mmmmm.

Several of Alton Brown's family members were on the show (mother, daughter, and grandmother) and most, if not all, of his production and post-production people had their 5 minutes of fame on this show. It was interesting but unless you're a big fan of the show it's probably not worth watching. Lots of inside jokes and fooling around--but interesting enough if you've watched the show for a long time.

There were a few references in the show to the cult favorite movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. So in my own personal ode to the movie, here's a few rabbit shots of mine. No blood with this rabbit though. Sorry.

Here's my rabbit looking at me warily...

...and in this picture he's even more cautious and turns toward me to give his full attention

And in this shot the gosh-darn critter tries to look real cute by scratching. Awwwwww...


Big O said…
The Food Network is evil! They make me hungry :(. He's got huge, sharp-- eh-- he can leap about-- look at the bones!
panthergirl said…
How cute!!!! Hey Dave... hope you're having a good weekend.

Here by way of michele today!
David said…
hello bunny!
utenzi said…
Exactly, Big O. I love that movie.
Michele says hello.

I don't recognize the template, you must have changed since my last visit. I love the green.
kenju said…
Dave, I love the rabbit! Don't cook him, promise?

Michele sent me this time. According to the weather people, we were supposed to get big storms tonight. Did you have any rain?
Pearl said…
That show sounds pretty entertaining and worthwhile.

Michele sent me to check on how your weekend was coming along.

Bunny face, you've got the cutest little bunny face!!

Pearl said…
These episode titles of the show slay me, absolutely slay me. Can you here me groan from here?

Tomatoes are fickle aren't they. I think a person has to buy 6 or 8 varieties to luck out to get ones that match the random weather pattern that may develop.
Carmi said…
As long as the rabbit doesn't end up as the special ingredient on one of the Food Network shows, I'll be happy.

Actually, I read an article about Mr. Brown recently. It talked about how he rides his motorcycle to distant cities to do shoots. I'm not a big fan of the FN - it all looks the same after a while - but I find him to be a fascinating person.
Teresa said…
I missed the behind the scenes episode, but then I miss a lot of Good Eats episodes. I think I taped his new show though -- Feasting on Asphalt, I believe it's called.

The bunnies I see tend to freeze in place, like they are invisible that way. They only look at me to see if they are clear to go on their way. Nice pictures.

So, did you get all those tasks done that were on your to-do list?
Michelle said…
Is that bunny rabbit scratching in that last shot??? I wonder if it has fleas?
utenzi said…
Both the bunny and Ihave fleas, Michelle. I blame mine on my girlfriend--I don't know who gave the bunny the fleas.

Tazz: I watched the first episode of Feasting on Asphalt tonight also. It was okay. I'll tape the next one but after that, I don't know. As for the tasks, I didn't finsh them all but I did do most.
Shane said…
i dig "Good EAts." The food network has a couple of interesting shows too.
Star said…
Thanks for the heads up. We are Alton Brown groupies. I'll try t catch the show. Michele sent me.
Carmi said…
While watering the plants at a vactioning friend's house yesterday, I was startled when a bunny who looked shockingly like this one bounded out of the bushes, stopped to look at me, then continued on his merry way.

I love bunnies. They're just so sweet to look at.

But my understanding is they're a serious bear to keep as pets. So I'll stick to observing them happily from afar. And to viewing your exquisite pictures of them.
Carmi said…
Oops...almost forgot: Michele sent me this a.m.
I really should watch the Food Network more...but then I realize, hubby is a gourmet cook and I hate cooking so why bother? LOL
Seriously, have not seen the show but might be one hubby would enjoy.
Great pics of the rabbitt! I agree with Judy...NO COOKING of the rabbitt!! :)
Bele Chere is finally life can get back to normal here...
Here from Michele's!
Hello, Michele sent me.

Do you mind terribly my returning again so soon. It's so cozy here after all. Like your template, did I mention that before?
Dawn Falcone said…
Love the killer rabbit! My hubby & I are big fans of both the Food Network & Monty Python.
Grins said…
Aww how can that hare be called a nasty rabbit? Love the photos of it Utenzi. I haven't watched Alton in ages but I've also banned myself from watching the Food Network before I get to be the size of a house. Michele says hi this Sunday!.
bobealia said…
I don't understand why being a chiropractor is disappointing to you.
Also, are you going to say you ate your bunny for supper, because if so, that's wrong.
Cute little itcy bunny.

By the way, I think Sally Feilds' line perfectly describes how I feel right now. LOL.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the heads up on the show. Alton is one of my favorites. He makes curing a ham interesting and funny!
Michelle said…
You're my last stop for the night :) Sweet dreams!

Here via Michele's!
colleen said…
We only get 3 channels out here in the hick country... plenty of rabbits though! Just popping in to say hello from michele and me.
Dara said…
I'm a big fan of the Food Network (Giada and the Barefoot Contessa) and Monty Python as well! Michele says hi.
Shephard said…
Hello, Michele sent me...

Love your blog. And the hummingbird. Clever tag line. :)

Great rabbit shots. Love rabbits.

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