Back Exercise

I think I've mentioned once or twice that the back strain I get from time to time is often eased by the motions of kayaking. As a result I decided recently to make a purchase at Amazon.

It's a rowing machine. All the way from Germany. Nice box, huh?

As you can see, it's a Kettler Kadett rower of the Outrigger style. The retail is a little north of $800 and it's usually priced at $619 on Amazon. However a few weeks back it was on sale for $550, so I snapped it up. I hope it helps my back! It sure did thin my wallet out a mite.

The machine is very well rated and I wanted a rower that was both sturdy and functional. I'm not getting it so much for the workout aspect as the rhythm and motion. That's what I hope will help my lower back.

In the picture below you can see most of the parts that were in the box. It was a little intimidating to see at first.

But it all came together without a whole lot of trouble. Not too surprisingly, the instructions leaned heavily toward German but there was a UK section (English) and the pictures and diagrams were pretty clear. The two pictures below show the unit after I finished putting it together. The first one has the arms folded up for storage and the second one has the arms extended and ready for use. The cute little unit even comes with an earlobe heart monitor and computer-style monitor. Fun, fun, fun!


kenju said…
It must be bigger than it looks here, but that is a lot of very little for $500+!!
Teresa said…
That sounds like a great piece of equipment. Way too expensive for me, but I do think the full range of motion will be beneficial to you. Now, you just have to use it!
GA Girl said…
Looks like you've filled the only open spot in your home, the living room.

Better watch it or you'll end up with piles of stuff with pathways through the piles. ;-)

I planted some flowers this weekend, it's good therapy.
srp said…
At least it won't gather hanging clothes like the cross country ski machine my brother had did. How coordinated do you have to be to do it... I never could get the hang of that ski machine.

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