Life and the lack thereof

I just read a couple of days ago in TV Guide that the NBC show Life has been canceled at the end of the current season. I found this quite disheartening since Life is one of my favorite shows.

The star of the show, Damian Lewis, is really great as Detective Charlie Crews. Sarah Shahi plays his partner and her acting is certainly up to the task---and my god is she good looking. Did I say that out loud?

In these final few shows there's a replacement partner, played by another beautiful actress, Gabrielle Union, as Shahi's character is working with the FBI on a task force that might be targeting Detective Crews. Wheels within wheels, y'know?

This is only the second season for the show and it just breaks my heart that I won't be seeing a third one. I hope this doesn't happen to my other favorite show, The Mentalist! I don't know if it means anything but both shows are headlined by foreign actors. Lewis is from England and Simon Baker (he plays Patrick Jane, an independent consultant with the CBI in The Mentalist) is from Australia.

Frequently when things like this happen we say C'est la Vie which in this case is more than slightly ironic.


Teresa said…
Blame Jay Leno. Taking up an hour of prime time each night means there's less room for other dramas. Since the longer a show is on, the more they have to pay the cast, added to the high cost of Jay Leno, it's not surprising that they would eliminate the medium level shows and start anew. It's a shame though, because it's a pretty good show. I'm hoping they resolve it before the end... I hate loose ends.

I currently only watch 4 shows on NBC -- ER, Life, Friday Night Lights (all of which should be gone next season) and The Biggest Loser (mostly because nothing else interests me at 8 pm (and I record The Mentalist at 9).

I think The Mentalist is safe though. CBS has a whole different approach to things. I'm not sure if they were overly confident or refused to have their shows compete, but during February sweeps, CBS showed mostly reruns. It was strange....
kenju said…
I have never see Life, but my son-in-law mentioned it to me recently, saying I ought to watch it. I have seen the Mentalist, but there is something on opposite it that keeps me away. I will watch it in reruns.
Utopia said…
Oh no! I really like the show Life! Clever, with the back story of Crews' imprisonment.
srp said…
I think Life suffers with the same problem as the Mentalist..... something on opposite that it just can't get around.

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