Great Big Penis

I just finished watching TAR and I'm glad to have been vindicated by the married couple from Virginia. Even though they lost, the husband was very supportive of his wife just as I thought he'd be. I can sense these things, you know? The episode was pretty good and seemed short. I've still not decided on a favorite team and yet again the show contained a challenge that I'd not want to do. Last week it was the bungee jump and this week it was paragliding.

According to Janis, who did the paraglide thing last year off a mountain in Tennessee, it's great fun---but with my lack of love for heights, I doubt I'll ever do it. Running down the mountain would have been more my thing and I've have not even stopped to look over the precipice, let alone jumped off of it. *eeek*

Switching gears a bit, Panopea abrupta, also known as Geoduck is a species of very large saltwater clam. These clams are featured in a March 2009 article in Smithsonian Magazine. And they're also the reason for the title of this post.

There's a line near the beginning of the article that goes like this: The neck resembles an aardvark's snout, an elephant's trunk or a monstrous prehistoric earthworm emerging from a fist-size shell, among other things." Well, the phrase "among other things", I suspect, means giant penises. And the author, Craig Welsh, was very polite by using the words that he did.

Just look at those suckers in the picture below. Do they look like dicks with clams shells covering the nuts or what?

And here's the scary thing. People eat them! They're not cheap either. Think about it. Any human male will donate his organ for free oral use yet people pay big bucks to eat clam dicks. In comparison, the mortgage crisis actually makes sense. Even paying CEOs big bucks to lose money isn't quite as big a stretch. Has the world gone mad?!

This Geoduck type of clam is mainly found in the Pacific Northwest. It's been eaten for thousands of years there but only became well known outside that area in the past 40 years. These days geoducks cost more per pound than either of the better known products of these waters, salmon and the Dungeness crab.

And it's not a question of rarity either. 4 million pounds of geoduck is harvested each year just from Puget Sound. And according to the article, a single geoduck can fetch $60 in a Hong Kong fish market. The statement isn't qualified so it's hard to know what that means in price per pound. Geoducks keep growing as long as they're alive---and they can live up to 150 years. The old clams can get up to the 14 pound range though that's pretty rare. A typical geoduck will weigh 2 pounds... so if the $60 per clam is for 2 pounds, that's some pretty expensive clam dick.

The article goes on to discuss many of the ins and outs (sorry, couldn't resist saying that) of the geoduck business. Apparently there's a brisk blackmarket trade in the clams as well as attempts to create a viable commercial nursery business. The usual environmental protests are going on in the background and there's research work trying to understand the critters. Who knew?


Teresa said…
LOL. You do have a way with words. Oh my!

In general, I don't eat clams. I'm not sure what to think of these....

You were right... Steve was not as much of a jerk this time around, but she still had that cowering feel to her reaction indicating that she must have some cause to expect a bad reaction. Still, it would have been interesting to see them some more. It's a shame that this leg really had no room for error once they landed in Germany. Theoretically, the teams should have finished in pretty much the same order they started the paraglide thing. It was a fluke that Linda screwed up the mountain trek. I was hoping that the wood debacle of those girls would put them in last, but I suspect it wasn't even close anyway.

I think I could have endured the paraglide thing. You start off on firm ground and just have to get down. Not like the bungee jump where you are on a precipice and then you hang there after it's done until they pull you back up. Yikes!
kenju said…
I bet they're so expensive because someone or group of people think that they are aphrodisiacs.

This is the first I've ever seen a photo of one and I hope its the last.....LOL
I'm not big on seafood anyway, and those just are toooo freaky! LOL.
utenzi said…
ETW, I totally agree. For me it's just tuna and scallops. I can't imagine eating those clams. Eww!

Judy, I bet you're right. They're most popular in the Far East.

Teresa, I used to like fried clams but not anymore. I don't agree on the Steve / Linda issue. I think she's one of these people that is only half there---Steve alluded to that when he said she'd "had a hard life"---for whatever reason and that she's just the type that cowers a lot. She's also very non-physical so for her to take the moutain run was a big mistake. She should have stuck it out up top and glided down. IMHO, of course.
Blonde Goddess said…
You do realize that after reading the title of your post it took me a good four or five seconds to decide to read it and view whatever it was that you'd taken pictures of.

I'd totally eat those.
I am a huge fan of seafood.
tiff said…
Wha'ts more? The name is pronounced 'gooeyduck.'

srp said…
When I first saw the picture I thought of a fungus that grows in non-sterilized mulch around here..... the Phallus impudicus.... or Stinkhorn. It is pretty disgusting... but seen as a food delicacy in some countries....
rosemary said…
My goodness...or not. They are ugly...a male part is much nicer to look at.
GA Girl said…
I still think the husband is abusive. When they had that little fight in the car, where the wife was pointing and he grabbed her hand, I think in private he would have hit her. She flinched too much when they were close...

Like the big clam - too bad I don't eat clams. Have you seen the fish with the transparent head? Really cool.
Mary said…
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