The premiere of season 14 of The Amazing Race was broadcast on Sunday night, February 15. I liked the participants this season much, much better than any other season within recent memory.

The past 7 plus seasons of TAR have been characterized by casting driven by network needs for controversy and colorful participants. People like that often do not make good contestants so this season is a welcome change. At least that's the way I perceived the teams so far.

Favorite team? Typically I have decided on my favorite team or two on the first show---but that was because there were so few good teams. This time I really didn't have a favorite team, and there weren't any that I strongly disliked either. Several people I know have denounced the "Hillbilly team" from Virginia and the deaf son and his mother but I don't have any problem, yet, with either of those teams. The husband, Steve, was rather intolerant of his wife's physical limitations but he also, at least to me, seemed quite affectionate at other times.

So far I like all the teams and that's great. The Cheese Carry was amusing. I wonder if when they scouted the location they knew how wet and slippery the grass on the hill would be at that time in the morning. Personally I think it was intended to be a strength and cooperation trial, the slipping and sliding was unexpected. I also suspect that the producers had no idea that the traditional cheese backpacks were so flimsily built. They were probably just touristy souvenirs that were pressed into service for the event. Never having been truly intended for heavy duty use. Of course I could be wrong...

Their first trial had me squirming in my chair. I don't like heights at all and that bungee jump from the dam (highest bungee jump in Europe and second highest in the world!) scared the heck out of me. Had I been the one jumping I would have crapped in my pants! I was looking around and I didn't see any port-a-potties near the jumping platform. That's a serious mistake. You really don't want to be hanging upside down when accidents like that are occurring!! I would have wanted to be sooooo empty inside when I took that step off of the platform.

Anyway, enough of that subject. Ewwwww.


kenju said…
Due to circumstances beyond my control, I missed most of the first show. Sounds good!
Teresa said…
The bungee jump was daunting, I'll admit. Getting me up there even to watch would be an adventure. But I was more concerned about the concrete wall that I was sure they had to hit than evacuation problems. And then I was thinking that while I'd have done it if I had to, getting back up would have been horrible for me. Dangling there while they pulled me all the way back up. {{Shudder}}

I honestly didn't see any affection with the hillbilly team. I'm sure it's just the editing, but all I saw was him telling her that she has to step it up or they were going to lose. Constantly. She didn't seem to mind though -- which is what really annoyed me about the team. I can understand someone being frustrated by their teammate, but docile acceptance of it really bothers me. And that was my first impression.

The deaf son and mother bothered me only because their focus centered on his being deaf, while he did nothing on the leg that would be more of a challenge to a deaf person. His mother did the translating and communication with the hearing world and I was really annoyed that it was a feat for a deaf person to do that bungee jump. What????

Otherwise, I can do without the bickering fighting-for-control couples. Hopefully that'll be downplayed a bit this time... I doubt it, but time will tell.

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