Back Home

I'm back in North Caolina again. I left my parent's place around 8:40pm yesterday and arrived back home at 12:30am. It was a little windy but otherwise a pleasant drive.

Today, while at Wal-mart reprovisioning my larder, I picked up a few bargains in the Christmas area. I love these two mugs. They hold 16 ounces which is perfect for hot chocolate and they were 50% off which dropped them from $1.50 each to just $1.50 for the pair! That's a bargain for such cute penguins.

I also got a couple of rolls of wrapping paper, some gift tags, tissue paper, "holiday" scented candles, and some neat Xmas lights that look like bells and have 25 different holiday music selections that play while the lights twinkle.  So cute! (and only $6 on sale)

Even with those low prices I managed to spend over $80. Mostly on food, of course. Why I don't weigh a ton, I don't know. I actually lost weight over the holidays. Before Thanksgiving I was around 218, before Xmas I was 210 and now I'm 207. I was paddling on the lake every day for over two hours so that might have helped some. But you wouldn't belive how many cookies I put away in the last week. It's scary!


kenju said…
I love those mugs!! By the time I can get to the store, they will all be gone, I just know it!!

All that kayaking helped you not to gain, Dave. Happy New Year!
Cute mugs! Glad you made it home safe n sound.

Happy New Year!
Uisce said…
love the ready-for-next-Christmas bargains!

I have to maintain or lose weight over the holidays or I'll lose ten bucks in this office pool... hey, whatever it takes!

have a great new years and a fine oh-nine!

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