camera skills

While hiking on Kennesaw Mountain last Saturday, JLee and I took pictures of one another near a cannon. Click on the picture if you want to see more detail.
Here's the one I took of her. Nice contrast and composition. Don't blame me that she looks wasted, that's just the look she likes to use in photos. She was actually sober. Believe it or not.

...and here's the one she took of me! And this is the better of the two pics she took. Scary, huh?

It was a brisk cold day but at least it was sunny. Here it is a week later and the temperature is about the same but there's no sun to be found. Oh well, this part of NC can certainly use some rain.


GA Girl said…
Yea, yea - that's why you have the expensive camera and I don't! Normally, I take better pictures than that, but with being wasted...
Deana said…
Our pond is way way way down.

My husband does the same thing to me. I can't get him to understand that he can click the ground and set a lower exposure...he is too impatient to learn anything.
phoenix said…
I haven't been here in a while so I thought I would try to catch up some. This post caught my eye because I live only about 20 minutes from Kennesaw Mountain! My pictures never turn out either... mostly too much light or not enough! :)

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