Out with the old, in with the new

Around 6 weeks ago I finally bought a new computer. I wrote about it back in late August when the computer was delivered to my house.

This is the ID plate on the inside of my old computer.

As you can see, it was "born" on October 2nd (which, oddly enough, is also my brother's birthday) back in 2000. The thing is over 8 years old now and still working pretty well. But you gotta figure it's running on borrowed time.

For any of you neat-freaks out there, I did vacuum the thing out once I'd opened it up. Talk about nasty! I had the computer between a wall and my desk and it was hard to get to so I'd not opened up the case in over 2 years! There was even some kind of fungus growing near one of the air vents and in the floppy disk slot. Yes, it is that old. In fact the computer doesn't have an Ethernet connection and the USB slots ---all two of them!--- are of the 1.1 variety and so incredibly slow. The poor thing takes nearly a half hour to rip or burn one CD.

Do you think that the PADGTX on the label means that the computer was born in Padg, Texas?


GA Girl said…
Yuck! You said you had sinus problems, maybe the room needs a good cleaning ;)

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