Quick Dell

When I bought my last computer from Dell in September of 2000 it took 3 weeks for the thing to be built and then delivered to me.

This time it was a lot quicker.

I ordered it Tuesday, it was shipped on Wednesday, and it's out for delivery today. It even passed through Atlanta and Roanoke to visit, at least in an ethereal way, with friends of mine. ;-)

Since I'm not at home today, it's possible that DHL won't leave it--however since I live in a quiet remote area the delivery people often do. I guess I'll find out around 6pm when I get home.

Update: The DHL person just called to check if I wanted her to leave the computer at the house and I said yes so it'll be waiting for me there. Don't any of you get any ideas and grab it!!!


GA Girl said…
Guess you got over that evil Dell thing... ;-)
How exciting! I'm a little jealous. I want a new laptop, but really have no clearly good reason to spend the $$.
Uisce said…
wow that's great -- I'll be right over to steal it! oh wait, it's a PC? never mind! :)
Nikki-ann said…
I hope your new computer was still there when you got home! :D
SassyAssy said…
Darn, I told the DHL person to leave that with me when it was in town!

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