My boss has finally gotten digs of her own. We were awarded the lab space a few months ago but the "former tenants" were very slow to move.

In fact, one post-doc is still there so I had to arrange things around the desk that he's using and the bench space he's holding onto. Hopefully he'll be gone by January.

And if you'll allow me to gripe for a minute, the bastards never cleaned up their lab. I don't mean dust and a few chemicals either. The surgeon that had the lab space departed for a position at another school and decided to not take any equipment or personnel---so the lab was just abandoned. I had to sort through everything and toss out, surplus, or adopt everything there. It made for a long and annoying week!

Okay, I feel a little better now but I still might whine a little, at random intervals, but I'll keep it short.

The picture above is the new lab that we were piling our stuff into. The desk in the back is mine and the desks closer are those of the two post-docs I work with. One is from Iran and the other from Tibet.

The picture to the left is my old lab and one of the last carts of "stuff" to be shifted over to the new lab. I still have some cleaning to do on Monday in the old lab but mostly the work of the week will be putting all our stuff in drawers and shelves and labeling everything so we can get used to the new locations. Fun, fun, fun!

In other news, I have poison ivy again and man do my legs itch. I've had it for 2 weeks though I only realized it was poison ivy 4 days ago. That's when it started to do the systemic spreading. And we're finally getting rain here courtesy of Hurricane Hannah. We sure can use it!


kenju said…
Your old lab reminds me of the one I worked in at a hospital in Norfolk. Ours was about 15' square, though. I wouldn't complain about cleaning up the other lab if you got paid full salary for it - grunt work can be like a vacation of sorts!

Too bad about the poison ivy.
Michael Manning said…
Utenzi: I read your Blog and it reminded me so much of a guy we had in broadcasti ng in Dallas/Ft. Worth. I was in broadcast management and inherited the taskof merging two departments into one that I headed. What saved me was that my office housed four other desks and the demolition crew eventually forced the sloppy guy to pick up all of his trash that was becoming a health hazard. People never fail to amaze me. You showed remarkable restraint. I dumped all of the trash and had the construction workers box his personal effects. CONGRATS ON THE NEW FACILITIES!!!!
You'll be settled in before you know it. But, I hate moving, too.
Carmi said…
There's nothing worse than folks who can't/won't clean up after themselves. I'm with Michael: you showed amazing restraint. I probably would have bulldozed 'em.

Still, what a cool space. Score one fr you!
tiff said…
Labs aren't any bigger now than when I worked in one. :)

Good luck with the move!

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