Money and House

I finally pulled the plug on my pay channels. When I started up my satellite service I received a nice starter deal that gave me the pay channels for a mere pittance but the past 3 months I was paying full price. Ouch! That's something like $45 a month just for those channels and I was only watching a few shows and maybe 8 movies a month. That's nearly $5 a movie! I'd be better off with Netflix.

Anyway, today I canceled those channels to bring my bill down to a more reasonable $50, which still strikes me as high, but HD is so pretty on my LCD television that I'm willing to break from my parsimonious tradition and pay what it takes to keep those lovely shows coming. Hell, even Hogan's Heroes is fun in high def. And I've been going nuts watching USA Network's syndicated House shows this past week---who needs pay channels when you have House in HD?


tiff said…
I just added cable phone. I'm scared to look at my bill now.

Deana said…
Martin dissected our satellite bill and took some things off. I really wanted to keep some of the channels but I didn't watch them enough to justify it. We'd already taken Stars and crap like that off but even channel changing dropped it over $10 a month and to him that is over $120 a year saved. At least I still have HBO and SHowtime. He'd never take HBO off but I have to constantly fight for Showtime.

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