I finally stopped deliberating over catalog items and placed an order for the painting supplies I need to get started.

Back on August 30th I mentioned that I wanted to start doing some art work again. It's been about 20 years since I've done anything like that and I could use the creative outlet.

In my late teens and 20s I worked with oils but I don't want to do that again. Too smelly, to be honest. It is the medium that I found best suited for me at the time but this time around I'm going to go with acrylics. And ordered some watercolor stuff also since I love the way they look on good paper.

In any case, just before placing the order tonight I did an Internet search on the company's name and "coupon" and I found one for 15% off. I love the net. It makes shopping so much easier!


kenju said…
I hope you'll be showing us the fruits of your labors. I used to paint in oils, too (back in the dark ages), and I have wanted to get back into it, but I know nothing about acrylics. Let me know how you like them.
Liz said…
Sorry, this comment is not related to this particular post ....

You are a kayaker, so I want to know how does river kayaking compare to lake kayaking? Obviously a lake is going to have calmer water, and rivers vary but how can I tell if I can handle river kayaking when I've only been on a lake?
I like to google whatever it is I'm shopping for and then add "free shipping". You wouldn't believe how many great deals I've found that way!
SassyAssy said…
I do hope you will post pics of your artistic endeavors!

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