Getting your bugs in a row

The phrase is more commonly "getting your ducks in a row" but I never really understood the meaning of that and besides, there's a lot more bugs around here than ducks.

So here's a perspective study with several moths lined up, more or less, along the heads of nearby plants. I've been thinking of taking up some arty hobby again, after a long lapse, and pictures like this help inspire me.

I've not decided what medium to work with tho. I used to do mostly oils with an occasional foray into black monochrome watercolor mixed in.

This time, I don't know. Watercolor, acrylic, pastels... I'd love to work with charcoal but I've never shown any talent for it. That's the type of work that I like best. To me it reaches into the soul of the subject being portrayed far more than the colorful but superficial feeling paints and gels.


kenju said…
Maybe you'll share the results of your forays into art???
GA Girl said…
This would be a wonderful painting. Have you though of exploring watercolor?

You have a wonderful eye for composition.
SassyAssy said…
Hope you will post some of your creative endeavors.

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