Chocolate House

I've been spending the evening reading--with a little chocolate to keep me company.

Earlier I made a chicken dish from some breasts that I bought Thursday and didn't want to spoil. I had 8 Romano tomatoes that were getting overly ripe so I chopped them up and tossed them into the pot with the sauteed chicken and a can of tomato paste, some diced bell pepper and onion and had a quasi chicken cacciatore dish as a result. Not great but it was edible. The chocolate I'm having with my reading--I love the nuggets 'cause you can unwrap them one-handed while reading--is a lot tastier than the chicken was.

Today, there were a lot of episodes of House on USA Network HD. From now on I want to watch them in semi-order so I just recorded them all. I've only watched about half the episodes that have aired in the past 4 years and would like to catch up by Xmas time.

There's 8 episodes I've not seen from the first season, 13 from the second season, 22 from the third season and only 2 left from season 4. I deleted all my episodes of Eureka from my hard drive so that opened up enough space to store 15 or 20 episodes of House. That way I can pick shows that will make sense with one another.

I watched the Pilot Episode of House yesterday and it was very heavy handed. The characters were pretty much complete right from the beginning but everything was just so in-your-face. No doubt when you're shooting a pilot you really have to push details hard, but having seen the pilot after watching around 40 regular season episodes it was like walking into a wall, the characterizations were so abrasive.


Teresa said…
What's Eureka?

I decided I wanted to watch house, but I REALLY have to start at the beginning. The scheduling of episodes does seem a bit off though... I may have to look into the DVDs. We'll see...

You were supposed to be watching TAR tonight, Dave. {sigh}
SassyAssy said…
All I can think about is chocolate...everything else you wrote about is like "la-la-la"
GA Girl said…
I'm having enough trouble sticking with Heroes - finally watched the 2 hour premiere and decided they're going to have to do better to keep me.

TAR was exciting as always (thank you for turning me on to that show).

Have to stop at Target tonight for necessities and will stroll the chocolate aisle - I have a feeling some M&Ms will jump in my cart :) Since allergies (or a cold) have hit I need some medicinal chocolate to cheer me until I can arrange a journey East.

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