Secrets of a Restaurant Chef

There's a new show on Food Network named Secrets of a Restaurant Chef and it had its first episode today. It's running once a week (Sunday mornings) with no repeats during the week, at least not at first, which is unusual for Food Network.

The Chef that hosts the show is Anne Burrell, seen over there to the left. Does she remind you of a young  Sharon Gless?  Maybe I just have Gless on my mind due to the imminent start of season two of Burn Notice on July 10th.

In any case, Secrets of a Restaurant Chef is a very good show. I plan on watching it every week. Burrell plays it over the top, which is a far cry from how she appears when she works as Mario Batali's sous chef on Iron Chef America, but I suspect this is her real personality. There's no denying that she has enthusiasm!

Burrell is now the Executive Chef at Centro Vinoteca in New York City, near 7th Ave and Bleecker Street. The restaurant's been open for a year now to fairly good reviews.

What I really like about Secrets is that it looks real. There's none of this health conscious "small pinch of salt" like most of the other shows. When Burrell adds salt, she does it by the handful. This is real cooking. And she's chubby--I don't trust thin chefs!  Giada De Laurentiis doesn't look like she's eaten in a month. What does that say about her cooking?   ;-)

Check out Burrell's recipe for Pasta Bolognese. This stuff might take a long time to prepare, but it sounds incredible! Like she says several times during the show, "Brown the crap out of them!"  Apparently she's a big fan of carmelizing. Big flavor---do it.


No_Newz said…
My grandma always said to never trust a thin chef. I agree. :)
I love the Food Network. I'll have to check out the show.
SassyAssy said…
Food Network....I am sooo addicted! I will have to try to Pasta Bolognese...I avoided it for a long time because I overdosed on it when I was in the UK way back when.
GA Girl said…
How did your pasta turn out? And what time did you finally eat?

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