Getting Hooked

After ignoring the medical community for over 11 years I've gotten hooked into the whole thing. My first doctor's visit 5 weeks ago was very interesting. I really like her and feel comfortable so I'll probably not have a lengthy gap in coverage again. On the other hand, once the doctor-thing gets its hooks into you, they don't let go.

Today was my second visit and there's a third scheduled for a month from now--and I suspect there'll be at least one more following that. I think I'm paying the price for not visiting the med community more regularly in the past. This is their way of making me pay! LOL

And now it's not just my doctor--she's got me set up to visit more of the little critters. 3 more in the next month or so. Now, there's nothing wrong with me other than the IBS (and maybe a few pesky little things) but doctors seem to want to run tests for everything... just in case. What a waste of time and money, huh?

Anyway, there's going to be more poking and prodding in the coming months. On a positive note, it looks like my BP is okay (I kept a log of it for the past month 'cause my BP is always very high in doctor's offices) and my EKG was good, however my cholesterol is a whole 'nother story. That seems to be the weak link in my blood work. :-(

And I tested as highly allergic to wheat. You can't avoid that stuff! That's very annoying-- however I keep pretty close track of what I eat versus how I feel due to the IBS and I've never noticed a strong connection between wheat and anything else. And due to some odd tendencies of mine, I go without any wheat products for days at a time (I call this my candy and unrefined sugar diet) so I have some doubts about that finding.


Good luck with the appts. I'm glad you like your doc. We like ours too and even though he's located where we used to live (only 15 min away), we still drive to see him rather than switch to someone closer.

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