A Sunday Hike

This is the same hike I did last Sunday, along side Morgan Creek. This time,however, it wasn't raining--just a little sprinkle the first 30 minutes--and so we went a lot further. It actually ended up taking 4 hours and we did around 8 miles.

Aren't those flowers pretty? There's something about purple or yellow flowers that really appeals to me. Sure, white flowers are nice, red ones too--but yellow and purple are my favorites.

This was the sticky point in the hike. We walked along Morgan Creek but occasionally we needed to cross to get to better trails--we did the crossings on top of sewage pipes. They're pretty wide and the footing isn't bad. Usually. On this pipe the water was flowing over it in a few spots and the pipe ended at the concrete thingy--about 6 feet from land. I made it across easily enough but the others were a little wimpy--so I had to go back after taking this picture and we backtracked up a half mile and crossed on an easier pipe. Boring!

This is a pipe a mile downstream of the one shown up above. It was an easy crossing. Dry and not too high or low relative to the water. There's one pipe we crossed that's about 8 feet above the water and my fear of heights was tugging at my brainstem on that crossing. I kid you not.

This is where we started the hike. For a sewer pipe line it was actually quite pretty at points.

And this is a calm section of Morgan Creek. It's normally a lot smaller than this but we've had light to moderate rainfall almost every day for a week so the creek was running a lot higher than usual.


Cynnie said…
nice new digs!.
everything looks fresher, newer..
your photo even looks different..younger even..

I'm impressed
tiff said…
I like the new layout! Nice.

A swer-pipe crossing 8 FEET in the air? I'd be doing that one on my belly, no lie.
kenju said…
I love that last photo; my kind of place!!
Omykiss said…
I'm with kenju on this ... too much pipe on the others ;)
Diane Mandy said…
Your making me miss North Carolina again!
Blonde Goddess said…
I like your new layout too. That's a great picture of you.
My favorite purple flowers are lilacs and lupines. Do lupines grow in North Carolina? They don't grow in West Virginia...or at least I haven't found them here. The grow wild in Maine...

Beautiful pictures by the way...
I saw the first photo and thought, wow, what a nice place, perhaps I shall have to go there!

Then, I saw / heard about crossing creeks on sewer pipes.

I have an unfortunate tendency to fall into creeks when attempting to cross over anything but a brige.

I am ok with this on shallow creeks, but that didn't look like anything I wanted to fall into.
Nina said…
I am so ready to start hiking again. And I have to. Big climb to train for.
rosemary said…
That is a lovely place for sure...and I agree with the purple and yellow flowers.
Smug said…
Hey there! I like the new layout!! Are you going to keep it?
Diane Mandy said…
you've been tagged!

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