Rainy Day

Most of the today it's been around 41f. That's cold. And rainy. Just not a nice day.

So what did I do? I went hiking!

Yeah, I know. Dumb! Well, it's not much of an excuse but this was a hike with a few people that I know and it had been prearranged so I didn't want to skip out on it. Almost everyone showed up too--7 out of 12, anyway.

This picture is of us marching out along a highway towards the end of the hike. By this time it was coming down pretty hard. It started sprinkling just as we started but the serious rain didn't hit until we were over 2 miles from the parking lot.

This picture is of us near the beginning of the journey when we were only facing the occasional drop or two of rain. Ahhh, those were the days.

We used sewage pipes to go over the stream we were walking along. They were pretty easy to walk over---but they got a lot slicker as the rain increased. That's why we were walking along the road and not the stream on the way back to the parking lot.

Isn't this a pretty roof? I love the way the green moss looks on the roof. It'd been raining for over an hour when we came across the house and the rain really "greened up" the moss.

Y'know though.... that really can't be very good for the shingles. I'm just saying.

Brrrr. I'm getting cold again. I think I'm going to zap one of those neck warmer things in the microwave again. I love those things.


kenju said…
I hiked today too, Dave, but it was on the floor of the swimming pool at our health club....LOL...a much better way to get wet, I think.
SassyAssy said…
Lovely pics as usual!!! Rain always makes the green so much richer in the photos.

Frankly, running from car to building was too much rain & cold for me on Sunday.
catherine said…
Nothing like being out in the rain to make you appreciate a nice warm neck warmer. I'm here from Melissa and have enjoyed your site. Great bird pictures!!

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