Christmas Lunch

My boss took me out to lunch yesterday and a few people that consult with us went also.

Roti Canai: Crispy Indian style pancake and curry chicken dipping sauce.

We had lunch at a local Thai restaurant that my boss really loves. She's really into Thai food but neither her husband nor daughter likes it so she doesn't get to go very often.

These holiday lunches are a good chance for her to eat Thai and since it's a business lunch the department picks up the tab. Thanks, department!

Penang Satay: Marinated chicken or beef, grilled on skewers, served with peanut sauce.

The dishes at Penang are very tasty though I avoid the spicier ones. The two dishes pictured above and to the left are appetizers that we had. We also had two others but they weren't as pretty. :-)

The picture below is the main course that I had. I didn't take pictures of anyone else's lunch though Peter's did tempt me. He had some squid in his dish and they seemed very photogenic. But I decided that taking pictures of other people eating might result in an attack on my person. Since I don't like pain, I respected their privacy. (and sulked a little)

Roasted Pork Fried Rice: Fried rice with carrot, peas, onion and roasted pork.

We spent an hour and a half talking and eating up a storm. The portion size on some of the meals at Penang, particularly the Pad Thai, are huge. It's easy to eat nonstop for an hour--only coming up occasionally for air.

The topics spanned recent scientific advances, some iffy political developments in other departments, and the good and bad aspects of PERL scripting--something that comes up a lot when you're doing DNA microarray analysis.

And after we got back from lunch my boss gave us each a Christmas present. She's so nice!

The two pictures here, front and back, are of the gift basket that she gave me.

There's a bottle of white wine and a bunch of packages of biscuits, candy, crackers, cheese and even a small sausage.

This picture is the front of the basket...

...and this picture is of the back.


It's very pretty but not quite as pretty as that digital camera I bought last night!


Yawn said…
Doom is your boss' mood spelled backwards.
GA Girl said…
We have a Panang here but it's micronesian, not strickly Thai - their Pad Thai is comfort food...yummy.

Do your work mates look at you askance when you pull the camera out or are they used to you? Maybe if you used a zoom for the squid *smile*

Nice boss and very nice present!
Smug said…
My boss never does anything like that for us. I think he just doesn't think about it. He is so caught up in the whole "running of the businss" thing. His wife once told me that he actually went back to work the afternoon after their second child was born!! Dedication or addiction - you decide!!

So happy for you and all your toys!! Merry Christmas :)
rosemary said…
Retirement means I am my own I am taking myself out for sushi....and might get a gift bag too. Have fun with the camera. when does it arrive?
SassyAssy said…
I love Thai food but I have a definite preference for spicy. You have a nice boss and she has good taste if your gift is anything to go by.
utenzi said…
I'm having it sent to my parent's house, Rosemary. I'll probably get it around Thursday. I sure hope it doesn't arrive after I leave for home!

Sassy, I had a feeling you liked Thai food. Imagine that!

Smug, I'd vote "Addiction" unless the baby's screaming drove him out of the house. Some dads use work as an escape!

GaG, I remember a Thai restaurant my boss at Emory would take me to on occasion. I think it was somewhere near Cheshire Bridge but I'm not entirely sure. He frequented The Varsity a lot more often.
Anonymous said…
I've never had Thai food before.. It looks good!
kenju said…
I suppose I ought to try Thai food; my daughter loves it. That is a nice gift basket you got!
rennratt said…
I love Thai food, but have to watch ingredients carefully. (I'm allergic to shellfish.)

I recently tried Vietnamese food - at a little place in Durham. It was pretty good. I plan to return to try another dish, since it's 10 minutes from my office.
GA Girl said…
I haven't been to the Varsity in years - and haven't missed it. My stomach is much happier for it! There's a Chinese restaurant that's been on Cheshire for years. Don't know the Thai restaurant. Penang is on Buford Hwy.
barbie2be said…
we have MANY great thai and malaysian restaurants within 10 minutes from my office. one of them has the roti... i love roti prana. it's the curry dipping sauce without the chicken. :)
Those look so much like Indian Dishes! Yummy!

MIchele sent me back here!
Noi Rocker said…
Hi Utenzi!

Wow, roti chanai and satay are like everyday food here in Singapore. Roti Chanai is the from India origin and satay is from malay origin.

But these 2 food are so common in Singapore that all races and religion here eat that!

If you ever come to Singapore, I will definitely bring you around to eat the different kinds of food here!

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