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Since cute little Sassy is talking about boobs, I figure I might as well contribute to the discussion. While she was able to show hers, to great effect, I, due to physical limitations in that area, will just discuss the breasts of others.

According to a study released on November first at University of Kentucky, breastfeeding does not adversely affect breast shape. Now all my life I've heard that nursing causes breasts to sag so hearing the conclusion of this report seems suspicious. The news release follows so judge for yourself:

Nursing mothers needn't worry. A new study shows that breastfeeding does not increase breast sagging. University of Kentucky plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Rinker and his colleagues conducted the study with patients at UK HealthCare Cosmetic Surgery Associates. The study found that breastfeeding does not adversely affect breast shape.

"A lot of times, if a woman comes in for a breast lift or a breast augmentation, she'll say 'I want to fix what breastfeeding did to my breasts'," Rinker said. As a result, Rinker decided to find out if breast sagging was a direct result of breastfeeding.

Rinker and his colleagues interviewed 132 women who had come to UK for a breast lift or augmentation between 1998 and 2006. The women were, on average, 39 years old; 93 percent had had at least one pregnancy, and most of the mothers—58 percent-- had breastfed at least one child. Additionally, the research team evaluated the patients' medical history, body mass index, pre-pregnancy bra cup size, and smoking status.

The results showed no difference in the degree of breast ptosis (TOE-sis)– the medical term for sagging of the breast--for those women who breastfed and those who didn't. However, researchers found that several other factors did affect breast sagging, including age, the number of pregnancies, and whether the patient smoked.

"Smoking breaks down a protein in the skin called elastin, which gives youthful skin its elastic appearance and supports the breast… so it would make sense that it would have an adverse effect on the breasts," Rinker concluded.

Rinker presented the findings of the study this week at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons conference in Baltimore. The Wall Street Journal, CBS News, and Chicago Tribune have already noted its findings.


Ivy said…
I will say the number of pregnancies does affect your breasts.. That much I know for a fact.. But I can't grasp the concept that breastfeeding does not alter ones breasts.. I know too many people myself included that would argue the other way..
kenju said…
I agree with Ivy. After 3 babies, I could definitely see a difference.
SassyAssy said…
What great news for me--a non-smoker--perkier breasts! And thanks for calling me "cute little Sassy" (I think anyway--hard to tell with you whether the irony is there or not).
GA Girl said…
Exercising helps.

I just finished watching "Monty Python's The Meaning of Life" - there were many breasts in it - perky, too!
rosemary said…
I'm a 3 baby momma too......let me check....yup, made a difference
Smug said…
Regardless if it effects sagging or not, breastfeeding is the best way to nurish your babies AND it can help you lose all (if not more) of the baby weight - SCORE!! I have been reading up on all things baby lately! I don't really care about sagging at this point! I just want a cute little baby!!
Deana said…
Let him see my sis's before and after nursing 3 babies with big Ds. Poor thing they are down to her tummy and she is only 36. Maybe it is because they did it until they were 1 AND they sometimes bit her. I know where hers are and I know where mine are...and I know where my mom's who did not breast feed still are.

Maybe it doesn't affect the smaller cups but the women who get the gallon jug boobies while pregnant just can't get them back all perky.

My hubby vetoes any boobie theme photo shoot posts I have planned...
rennratt said…
Mine have never been 'perky'.

But then, neither have I.

I only have one kid, and I nursed/pumped for the first 6+ months.

The best part of nursing? I lost weight relatively fast.

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