I've been playing with Photoshop half the day and have potential headers coming out of my whazoo--and let me tell you, whazoos don't like that shit. So now I have to decide whether to scrap them all, put one up, settle for the one up there now, or some other option that hasn't occurred to me yet.

Right now there's a bug one up on top. It might not stick around for long so if it's gone from the blog, you can see what it looked like above. The most recent one I've done is a chemistry themed one as you can see below:

...and if I stick with the bug header, I'll probably change the footer to this one:


David said…
my blog has a header ache tonight.
Mr. Althouse said…
I like them both, but I like the one with the bug the best. This place sure has gone through a lot of changes of late. It reminds me of those old cartoons where the husband is moving the furniture and the wife keeps changing her mind about where she wants it and has him move it over and over again only to end up where it started.

Michele sent me,

kenju said…
We all have the "bug", Dave. I moved my living room furniture around today, too, and I am not sure I like it.

Michele sent me.
Carmi said…
I'm a fan of the bug, Dave. It speaks to me. I'm not sure what language it's speaking, but I'm definitely hearing something, and I like it.

Actually, I think I'd like anything you do here.

BTW, thanks for that last comment on my blog. You got me thinking. I posted a response in the comment section of my site.
srp said…
What's with the male and female symbols at the bottom, interspersed with the radioactive symbol? Something explosive going on?
Noi said…
Hi Utenzi! I love the new look! I love the clock too!
utenzi said…
Noi, thanks!

Sheila, I wanted a biohazard symbol but didn't have one handy and the radioactive one is very similar. As for the boy/girl thing--it's just something I like thinking about! LOL

Carmi, I'll go over and have a look.

Judy, that sounds a lot more tiring than moving symbols on a page!
Nancy said…
I love the new look. I like the bug.
margalit said…
I love the chemistry one. There's something about it that says Utenzi. The bug is good, no doubt about it, but I still like the other one better.

Michele sent me.
'B' said…
Bring back the slug one I say!!! I loved it!
But, the Periodic table one I am not sure about, I like the colour and how it is 'washed out' looking (in relation to the what looks like a Bronze Orange Bug).
They are all good, and not matter what you pick, I am sure we will all like it (ortherwise we will not camoe back I suppose!!)
Here from Michele's this fine cold Sydney morning...
rosemary said…
Hum, good design all of them....which one feels like utenzi? Did you try them all on? Any fit better than the others?
Deana said…
I still haven't achieved the banner I want. I have my body of the blog the way I want it but the banner photo isn't what needs to be there. And it is off center...oh well. I wish I'd left my dog alone! Your choices look great!
Dara said…
I love the bug - but as you can see by my blog and My Space page, I'm very into the green right now. Michele says hi.

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