Of personal seals and blogging poems

Does your blog need a seal? How about your personal correspondence? School lunch box? Come on, work with me here.

There's a site that lets you make your own seal with lots of customizing options. Go give it a try! The seal below is what I came up with. The Latin on the bottom roughly means "an insatiable urge to write." It doesn't say anything about quality--just quantity.

There's also a poem by Holmes using that Latin phrase for its title, and if there was ever a poem that better embodied the concept of blogging, I don't know what it is:

Cacoethes Scribendi
by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

If all the trees in all the woods were men;
And each and every blade of grass a pen;
If every leaf on every shrub and tree
Turned to a sheet of foolscap; every sea
Were changed to ink, and all earth's living tribes
Had nothing else to do but act as scribes,
And for ten thousand ages, day and night,
The human race should write, and write, and write,
Till all the pens and paper were used up,
And the huge inkstand was an empty cup,
Still would the scribblers clustered round its brink
Call for more pens, more paper, and more ink.


SassyAssy said…
Thanks for remembering your fans that are not so science-minded and putting up something more our speed (or maybe it is only me that cannot wrap my sassy lil mind around old bones & germs).
utenzi said…
I get this weird feeling, Sassy, that when you say "old and germy" you're referring to me! *sigh*
kenju said…
I like that,Dave, and I'm going to try one myself.
SassyAssy said…
Me thinks you are a tad toooooo paranoid....you old & germy? Perish the thought!
GA Girl said…
Interestinger and interestinger - this reading blogs is addictive.
tiff said…
ah -the catchphrase revealed.

I very much like the poem; it does fit a lot of us bloggers perfectly.

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