walking across campus

On Sunday my girlfriend and I decided to do some walking for exercise and to look at the lovely scenery that a blustery day in early March so readily provides. LOL Well, this might not be the best time of the year for scenery but we dressed warm--it was 40f and very windy--so it wasn't so bad.

We first went to UNC in Chapel Hill since I had to drop off some things at my lab. We parked on one end of campus--and parking was already becoming difficult due to a HUGE basketball game being played later that day. The game was between the UNC Tarheels and their crosstown arch rivals the Duke University Blue Devils. In the spirit of things, after Ren and I walked across the campus of UNC, we drove over to Durham and walked around on the Duke campus. Ren, being a UNC grad, shivered a bit here and there. I think it was the prospect of actually walking in the land of the damned--but maybe it was just the blustery wind.

Here's a picture of a duck we came across in the Sarah Duke Gardens. For some reason that duck seemed to like me and, as you can see in this picture, was even flirting with me at times. Ren didn't like that much and hustled me away. LOL I suspect Ren will inform me, after reading this post, that all this happens solely in my mind. Silly Ren.

By the way, the Tarheels ended up whipping Blue Devil butt later that day, 86-72. Go Heels! That win pushed UNC up to #1 in the ACC seedings.

The picture below shows how some of the bulbs are starting to come up. Not many yet, but in a few weeks the Garden will be just splendid--right now it's a mite plain and drab though. Mostly just pansies are out with a few bulbs showing their faces. I have some so-so pictures of crocuses. I'll post one or two of those tomorrow.


SassyAssy said…
How ducky!
Nancy said…
It is -10 w. the windchill today. I would much rather see FLOWERS!
srp said…
I have no idea what kind of duck this is... do you? I guess it is the remnants of a Zoology major that pushes me to identify every bird and animal..

Now it is cold again and they are forecasting snow, again... I will believe it when I see it on the ground.
kenju said…
On Sat., my boss had 2 weddings at Duke chapel and one of the receptions was at the Carolina Inn. I didn't know about the game, but I wondered why there was so much traffic on 15-501. The area was extremely crowded with cars!
utenzi said…
I believe it's a Phillipine Duck, Roxanne. Anas luzonica if you want the Latin. Pretty things, aren't they?

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