new pet

The newest resident of my house is a little white puddle. Isn't it cute?

Okay. It's not a real dog. It's one of those sentimental Valentine's Day critters. And no, nobody gave it to me. I bought it on Friday at a clearance sale. But at half price it was too cute to walk by. I covered up the sentimental sign on the front with the apple. Maybe apples are the fruit of original sin, but hiding that sign is no sin!


margalit said…
Awww. that's one adorable pup. I'm a huge fan of poodles and I'm hoping to get myself a standard poodle once my kids are out of the house... I need someone to baby, you know.

Michele says Hi.
tiff said…
I thank you for saving this little critter from all the lonely of the after-V-Day clearance rack. You've done an admirable thing!
Pearl said…
Oh you know I'm dying to know now what the sign said. I imagine "cuddle poodle wutchy woo" :)
srp said…
And what would be on that sign? Be Mine..... how sappy can it be!
Carmi said…
Such a sweet little face. And much easier to care for when the weather's frightful outside.

You deserve happy things, Dave.

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