Saint Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is only two weeks away. It's more a holiday for women than men, or so it seems to me, but today I found an interesting post that might change that at least a little bit.

First of all, here's a card for everyone that reads this blog--but don't take it too much to heart if you're a guy. I'm just sayin...

Now that we have the card givin' out of the way we can get to the blog post that caught my eye a few hours ago. It's from a craft blog--I bet that got the guys fingers twitching towards the back button--from Mia, a woman located in Perth Australia, who runs a website named One Hour Craft. She's also got a blog called Mia's Cloud.

Now it's quite true that for the most part crafty blogs are totally oriented towards the fairer sex but in the case of this one post--not so much. You see Mia posted about making Valentine's Day string panties a few days ago. Now that's a present it'd be great to unwrap--or simply gaze upon for a while before unwrapping. LOL

You can see an example over there on the left of the panties. Aren't they pretty?

I have to admit that Mia really runs a great blog and she obviously knows what's important about this holiday.


Anonymous said…
Well, I can tell you put a lot of thought and your whole heart into the card design...and it is so sentimental I could almost cry...almost. As for the panties? You're right, I would have never taken you for a craft kind of guy...see what a nice surprise. Good laugh
Anonymous said…
Are you kidding me? They might fit a 12 year old......LOL
Teresa said…
I'm not sure I should comment on the card, Dave... best not.

The panties are adorable, but when you make mine, they have to be a bit larger!
Michelle said…
EEwwww Dave that greeting is gross!
You can tell we don't celebrate Valentines Day here down under!
Anonymous said…
I'm afraid I've never been a fan of St Valentines Day. Like Christmas it is way too commercial.

So are you starting a production line then? :-)
Nancy said…
What guy would not want these on any holiday or day of the week. They are cute, though.
Anonymous said…
Utenzi, I must say, you do find the most interesting blogs! So, the burning question I have...are you going to make a pair of these panties for the girlfriend??????

Thanks for the faithful readership btw, despite my slacker ways!
utenzi said…
Rosemary, "whole heart" LOL It does take the right thing to make me feel "crafty" and panties are definitely on that short list.

Judy, I don't know about a 12 year old but remember--the panties aren't supposed to be hiding much.

Teresa, just how much larger???

Michelle, it's just a heart!

B-K, it is totally commercial which is the not-so-subtle attraction of the holiday. I do have a sewing machine but I'm not very good with it. No production line here. Sorry!

Nancy, you're so right.

Sassy, since meeting Joseph you have been rather quiet on your blog--but it's good that you have other things to do! LOL
Anonymous said…
that heart picture reminds me of the Mary Tyler Moore episode when she was dating a doctor and he gave her a heart pin and it was shaped like a human heart. LOL
Anonymous said…
Happy Valentine's Day, Utenzi! And I mean that from the bottom of my left ventricle.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, making Valentines panties is just for the women. You Fellas never get any enjoyment out of that.
I mean it's not like you just admitted that you liked looking at them or anything.
Good thing huh., otherwise you might look silly.
Anonymous said…
Nice! But how in the world did you get to a craft site?!?!
utenzi said…
I can't say I'd enjoy making them, Cravey. As for looking at them, I don't feel silly liking that at all.

Kristi, I try to be well rounded and look at all sorts of websites.

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