Right now my 2007 resolution is 6 Megapixel and I don't think that's going to change this year.

Okay. Wrong type of resolution to be talking about around the New Year but even though I've had my camera (Panasonic DMC-FZ7) for nearly a year now--I bought it late last March--I still love it.

I guess my New Year's Resolution would be the traditional lose weight and exercise more--but everyone knows that we all break that one, so what's the point?

Hey, how about Mother Nature making a resolution? No big hurricanes or tsunamis? Earthquakes? No to those also. Same goes for volcanos. There's a great resolution!
The nature thing has been a bit sloppy here in NC the past 2 days. As you can see from these two pictures, we're getting rain here.

The picture above is of my deck where you can see that there's standing water with raindrops making ripples. The picture to the left is a small tree in my backyard, with my shed as the backdrop, and a little bird shivering in the rain! LOL Actually there's not much shivering going on since it's over 60f outside despite the rain. It feels more like Spring outside than Winter.

So what resolution do you have? Camera or New Year style. I'm curious about both!

Maybe my resolution should be no more champagne. Usually it doesn't bother me, but today I have a nasty hangover. I only had one bottle.


Anonymous said…
It depends what was in the bottle dear :)
Could have been beer or whiskey !!!

Happy NewYear and kind regards from The Netherlands.
netchick said…
Hmm, that second resolution fits... That champagne is hurting my head today. I'm sure I'm not the only one!!

Sounds like you had a good, albeit sloppy wet, NYs! Yay!

Michele sent me... but I would have been by anyhow!
Anonymous said…
My resolution is 10.1 megapixels :-) Other than that I don't make new years resolutions. Too much pressure and I can make a change any time I like.

I have only just got my new camera and I love it. As you say, not a day goes by without me snapping something. I guess my aim for this year is to keep snapping adn to get better at it!
MissMeliss said…
Camera: Sony Cybershot 5 megapixel with Zeiss telephoto lense and cool night shot and nigh-frame features. It's also apparently indestructible as my stepfather ran it over with a car several years ago, and it wasn't even scratched.

NY: I've resolved to USE IT more.
MissMeliss said…
Oh, and the last comment was sponsored by Michele.
Teresa said…
I've never been fond of champagne, so no problems with that one. LOL.

I suppose my New Year's Resolution will have to be to learn how to use my new camera. You'll have to give me some tips.

Otherwise, the losing weight and getting more exercise is a good idea, but I'm thinking more in terms of planning how to make 2007 better (I'm NOT sorry to see 2006 go, though I'm sure time will change that assessment) rather than generalizations in those healthful categories.
kenju said…
Last night, I had red wine and a bottle of beer, so I am in not too bad a shape.....LOL

My only resolution is to stop using so many exclamation points in my writing. The other types of resolutions are made to be broken.

Michele sent me this time; but you know I wish you a very Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
My resolution is also 6 megapixels delivered through a Canon EOS Digital Rebel SLR.

The other kind of resolution? None. I guess I could say I'll quit smoking, but I already did that more than 9 months ago. Drinking? Did that more than two years ago. Caffeine? NEVER!

So sorry to hear about the inclement weather. In sunny Sacramento...

Never mind - there is a post with photo's in the works,


Michele sent me

magz said…
I NEVER do Amatuer Nite in public, tho my champagne was exellent. (big secret for avoiding the champer next-day-ickies,
BUY REAL (and really good!) champagne!
My Gnu Yeer's rez? Eazzzzy...
I resolve to lower my standards yet again for nearly everything! It's a sure-fire win/win resolution!
Happy New Year David-Dear.. now drop 3 regular aspirin into a can O pepsi n chugalug.. works on hangs every time LOL
Anonymous said…
My resoulution is 10 million megapixels, on my semi-new Olympus all weather ... looks like it would be good in your rain! It seems like I might stick to that NY resoulution from now on, year to year :o)
Anonymous said…
I resolve to give up self-denial. And champagne, it didn't do much good for me, during or after the enjoyment. I'll stick with the tame stuff (bourbon).

5.0MP Kodak Easy Share - point & shoot quality for price. Would not call it a serious camera, but good 'nuff for what I do. Had a few shots published, so it's ok.
Terri said…
Somehow I didn't connect with you via Michele this past just wanted to pop by and wish you a very Happy New Year and all the best in 2007.
My resolutions? I also don't have any but posted a blog for tomorrow with my hopes and wishes....those seem more realistic than "resolutions."
I've always heard the Champagne Hangovers are the worst!Feel better quickly, my dear...
A Very Happy New Year To You, dear Dave...

No "resolutions" except the camera...(lol)
Wha kind of camera do you have?
Those are wondeerful pictures, my dear! LOVE the little bird....!
Claire said…
I'm not really a resolution fan but have promised myself to be happy this year!

As for camera, my new one, which still hasn't arrived! Is a 8.1 mega pixel...can't wait to get started playing with it!

Happy New Year!! :D
srp said…
I don't do resolutions. But my new camera has 10 mega pixels. I suppose I could resolve to read the manual and really learn all the details.
Happy New Year... rained here too.
Michelle said…
I resolve not to resolve for 2007.
I do however have a 5MP camera, i'd kill for a 7 or 8 though :o)
Carmi said…
Nikon D80 - 10.2 MP and a lovely 18-135 ED lens to focus all that light and turn it into magic.

I resolve to keep using this wondrous new tool of mine to share my crazy view of the world.

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