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I saw three movies on DVD this weekend. I checked all three out of the library which is closed on Monday so I might watch a few more of the special features before I return them. The titles are The Sentinel, Match Point, and Mission Impossible 3.

The Sentinel: I just finished watching this one a half hour ago. I liked it but thought the first half was a lot more interesting than the second half. The reviews of it I've seen weren't too complimentary. They mostly wrote it off as a generic "secret service protecting the president" flick much in like with movies like Eastwood's In the Line of Fire. I'd agree with that for the second half of the movie but I thought the first half showed some originality in exploring the interplay of agents behind the scenes as well as illustrating more of what they do on the job when the cameras aren't on them. Is it enough to make it worth buying or renting? Probably not but it's good enough entertainment if you can get it free.

Match Point: This is a Woody Allen movie that's a little out of his normal zone. It's been described as another version of Crimes and Misdemeanors but I think it goes deeper into the subtle darknesses of the human soul. The movie focuses on a wealthy British family and the two people that become romantically involved with members of the family. The dialog is quite well written and the morality play aspect works well also. I liked the movie quite a bit though it's not for everyone. No car chases--the other two movies listed here have those--but if you like realistic plots and good writing this is worth a look. There's also some eye candy here for both genders: Jonathan Rhys Meyers; Scarlett Johansson; and Emily Mortimer.

Mission Impossible 3: I think everyone has heard of this movie so there's no reason to describe it. I thought it was head and shoulders above the other two movies in the series. It's the only one of the three to resemble the original TV series and that's a big factor in what makes this entry in the MI series a lot better. I thought it was an enjoyable film however it's not good enough to overcome the anti-Cruise sentiments that exist out there. If you can't stand Tom, then this movie isn't going to change your mind, but it's not a bad movie. Give it a shot.


Catheroo said…
I missed all those when they played in theatres, so I rented them all awhile back. I thought they were all "just OK" but yeah, the eye candy in MatchPoint was good. I think that was my favorite of the three.

Oh, and Michele sent me! :-)
Carmi said…
Thanks for the the reviews: I'll add these to my list of must-sees. It depresses me how many films I will no longer see because I simply can't stand to see Cruise in them.

I don't mind that he flipped out. I mean, who among us hasn't had a moment or two of sheer silliness in our lives.

It's the intolerance and arrogance that get me. I can't look past that, and as a result every film of his is forever tainted. Oh well...plenty of other fish in the see, I guess.
Anonymous said…
I've never been a Cruise fan and REALLY dislike him now. I think he's gone off the deep end. The movie I watched this weekend was "Shaun of the Dead" which was fantastic, if you like that kind of movie. This is how I think I would act if the dead came back to life!
srp said…
Tom has the "short man syndrome", a legend in his own mind.

Do you remember the season or seasons of MI with Leonard Nimoy as one of the characters? I think it was after Martin Laundau left.
Reel Fanatic said…
Match Point just stuck with me a lot longer than most movies I see nowadays, and was definitely Woody's best movie in many years .. With a strong assist from Mr. Rhys-Meyers, he delivers an exploration of true evil, and how far it can drive a "normal" person to go to extreme ends
Anonymous said…
I enjoyed Match Point. Haven't seen the other two. MI3: As so often is the case, the actor becomes bigger than the role. I usually lose interest in actors and their movies when I can't watch a movie without seeing the actor and all their press. However, in this case, Tom Cruise is a loon. The less seen of him, the better. For me, anyway.
Pearl said…
Haven't seen any of them. Would I need to see 1 and 2 to get 3?

Michele sent me. It's been a while since you heard me say that, eh?
Anonymous said…
Howdy. Happy Monday hope the week will be good to you.

Here by way of Michele's extended meet & greet.
Deana said…
I liked the unusualness of Match Point but my husband just loved it. He made it his number one movie pick for 2006. I wouldn't have gone quite that far! Still need to see MI3 though like the rest of the world I am worn out on Tom Kat. It is in our Blockbuster queue....not too far down now.
Anonymous said…
I have to say that I was so IRRITATED with Tom Cruise after the year that he pretty much lost his marbles. That being said...I absolutely love movies and was in my usual spot in the theater when the movie started. I LOVED it...and I am glad. He is such a good actor...I just need him to keep his mouth shut for a while and all will be forgotten!

The other movies I had seen and liked also...MatchPoint was typical Woody Allen. In other words...a good rental. :)

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