an iconic presence

The lovely Tiff over at No Accent Yet designed an icon for her blog and posted about it yesterday. She inspired me to do one myself as you can see up above--unless you're using some old nasty browser. [hint: UPGRADE!!]

Tiff used an icon service that's free to do her picture hosting but I just drew up a 16x16 pixel image in Photoshop and uploaded it right onto Blogger. I just posted it as a draft so it can't be seen. This is the line you add, below the HEAD tag and above the TITLE tag:

link rel="icon" href="" type="image/gif" /

Of course you need to put brackets around that line but I can't do it here without your browser interpreting it as HTML. And you'd put your own location for your graphic. I've got a rude image of a Danish flag on there as of now--but I suspect I'll be changing it as the whim strikes me until I get bored with the process.

Drop a note here if you decide to change your own logo. I'd love to see everyone's artistry!

UPDATE: I've made several icons but they seem to only work in Firefox and some builds of Opera. I've tried IE7 and it doesn't work there which surprised me and I've been told it doesn't work in IE6 or Safari.


Catherine said…
I can see the icon on Tiff's blog, but I can't see it on yours. I use Safari (the default browser on the new Macs)
Michele sent me back again
Star said…
I always think about changing the look of my blog. Then I go to the page and decide that I still like it the way it is. Or maybe I'm just lazy. ichele sent me.
craziequeen said…
Hi Utenzi,

I went to Tiff's place - maybe something for me to try....mind I do like my bloggie...and I can do simple html changes.

Michele sent me to say hi!
srp said…
I made three potica breads today.... no time for icons.
kenju said…
I tried it - from the link that Rick left in Tiff's comments. It looked like it was going to work when I tested it, but it doesn't show up on my computer.
Anonymous said…
Hey there! Michelle sent me.

This looks interesting, I always wondered how to do that.

Michele sent me my dear Utenzi...
It's all too much for my pea brain, my dear..I don't understand one word of it! LOL! But, since I wouldn't be able to see it anyway...what's the point...?
tiff said…
Y'all - firefox is free, so go get it. You need a browser that can accomodate tabbed browsing, so if you don't have Firefox or Opera (or whatever), then there is a plugin for IE that will add that tab feature (or so I've heard).

This is a fun thing to play with, for sure, but isn't 100% foolproof....I just don't bother checking any other browsers for function and so believe all to be well. :>
Carmi said…
This is totally cool! I need to mull it over for a bit: I'm not sure what my icon should look like. So many possibilities...
Claire said…
Cool idea!! I might have a think on that!

Here from Michele's!!

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