knives: newest toy

I have a problem. I freely admit this. 18 years ago I bought my first house. Fortuitively there was a department store going out of business at the same time so I was able to buy most of the stuff I needed for the house at 65% - 80% off. This included an inexpensive set of silverware. Soon after my parents bought me a nice set of Cutco Knives as a housewarming gift.

That's how things stood for 17 years. Those knives and a pretty but inexpensive set of silverware. Then came Amazon's Friday Sale. And my fascination with shiny metal objects found its nest.

Last year I bought another set of knives, Sabatier this time-- but ones made in China, not the high quality French ones. And soon after I replaced my old silverware set with even prettier ones--and fairly nice ones this time. And now, a year later, I bought even more knives. Cuisinart this time-- a little nicer and also prettier than the Sabatier. That's them over to the left. Below, you can see the knives arrayed on my cutting board. The knife at the far left is a steak knife and there's 6 of those.

Do you see a theme here? I like silver and gray colors in metal and that's what I got.

Did I need them? No. Are they really nice? Not really. Again, good name but made in China. Very sharp, great metal but not as thick or sturdy as the really nice knifes--but I can afford these.

And did you notice how shiny they are? I should have been a magpie!


Mike said…
So you collect Knives. I collect swords. I have about 8 different ones that hang on the wall as well as several decorative axes.

Here from michele
kristal said…
"I should have been a magpie!"

LOL... I love knives, but I only have two. My dad bought me a chef's knife and a paring knife and that's all I ever use. They are really nice, though. Much nicer than I would buy for myself!

Yours are very pretty! Michele sent me.
rashbre said…
yes and you are looking sharp today!
David said…
i have part of a set that was given to us 20 yrs ago - Chicago cutlery - stays sharp, and looks like crap. I only cut myself once - but I forgot about it til now, I guess I ahve a new thing to post on my blog: Blood on the floor at easter!
Anonymous said…
Hey Utenzi... I came by to say a couple of things, but first I must comment to this post. Umm... if you don't want those cutcos, I'll take them! :-) Knives are fun, aren't they? I want a nice santuko knife next....

OK, so what I came here for:

1. Yes, the meaning of #96 was all too clear. Or maybe I'm just not that sheltered. I told Champs about #96 and your comment and he laughed heartily... yes, we got it :-)

2. That could make me say things about how nice it is to know that your a flexible kind of guy, but I won't go there.

3. I wanted to thank you for your comment on my phone search. Verizon is faring very well in my informal poll, so I may just stay right where I am... that is, after I compare all the other companies, find the best deal and then get Verizon to match it for me... I know, I'm evil. I think it is called being a savvy consumer.
Pearl said…
lol. Should I unsheath my knife envy?

I like kitchenware stores. One of these times I'm going to get one of those two handled ones that rock.

I don't think I'm a magpie, more one of those Australian birds with a penchant for blue things. Cobalt blue. Oooh. Gimme.
kenju said…
I have so few knives it is pitiful and you seem to have more than the average restaurant kitchen! I do wonder why you are drawn to cutting instruments, Dave.....LOL
kenju said…
Michele made me return, Dave. She wants to know about the knives too!
carli said…
They have to be better than the Target knives in my kitchen. They don't cut things. Anything. I have accidentally sliced my finger while trying to cut food with these. No pain. No cut. Really bad product!
margalit said…
You and me both. Because we keep Kosher, we have several sets of knives. I've got a full set of Sabatier (French) for meat, and a full set of Henkels for dairy. And a set of Chicago cutlery for Passover meat, and a set of old Design Research knives for Passover dairy.

I love good sharp knives. They make such a difference in cooking skills!

Shephard said…
I'm definitely part magpie. :)
Shiny and pointy. How could you resist?

Here from Michele's
Maria said…
Here from Michele. For years I used cheap knives in the kitchen and then I was given a set of German Chef knives. What a difference they have made.
Hey Utenzi! Those knives look swell. I have a couple of no-names. But of course, it doesn't matter much. I really don't cook! Perhaps if we ever learn how you can advise us on what to get!

Thanks for all the kind words over at my place. Glad you got to see SNL. It was REALLY fun. I've posted about it tonight. Come over and check it out!
Anonymous said…
i have the sabatier knives too. but mine are crap and were NEVER sharp. so i have been saving my pennies and one by one buying myself a REAL set of knives... henckles.

michele says hi!
Carmi said…
I may as well fess up now before someone else outs me: I fear knives. Intensely.

Thankfully, my wife is a virtuoso cook. And she appreciates good knives, and knows what to do with them too.

It's a wonder I don't weigh 300 pounds...I love her cooking.

Hmm, maybe I won't fear them so much if I take the time to photograph them. Ya think?
Carmi said…
Just got your comment on my site...

I destroyed more tripods over the years than I care to remember. I always got inexpensive, lightweight ones because I never saw the need to spend the money on a big, honking one.

I broke down last week and bought a great one when I picked up the new camera. It's a Manfrotto. It's triple the price of anything I've ever bought before, but you can feel the difference in its construction. I won't be destroying this one anytime soon.
Anonymous said…
ohmygosh... I just looked at the picture of your home... can I have house envy?!?! I love it!

still willing to take those cutcos off your hands... hahaha!
Tracie said…
We have a sad, pitiful set of knives that my husband had for years--most of them don't cut well.

Of course, I basically never cook, so the need for knives at our house is not that great, but seeing yours makes me want to go to a store right now and buy some pretty, shinny ones. Becuase even though I don't cook, I love to look at and buy kitchen stuff. I know, I'm crazy!
Cyndy said…
Over my time on this planet in the kitchen, I've learned the value of good knives. Now I have Caphalon and Henckel's knives. Good morning from Michele's meet and greet
Maverick Moon said…
That's hilarious. Obsession with shiny, gray, sharp objects!

I have like three knives...two steak knives, and a bread knife. Not at ALL suitable for a dinner party as we have to pass the steak knives around the table so everyone can eat. Don't ask me how we cut whole chickens or a roast. It's creative cutting.

You've inspired me to get some new ones!

Saying hello again from Michele's.
Tracie said…
I'm back again from Michele's!

Looking at those pretty shiny knives not only makes me want to go "kitchen shopping", but they are also reminding me that I didnt' eat breakfast and now I'm feeling a little hungry.
Shephard said…
We actually bought some new knives this weekend. Was it subliminal? Nah, just a good sale at Bloodbath & Beyond. :)

Here from Michele's.
Anonymous said…
Hey, to quote your wonderful sarcasm for my birthay: "41? Hell, babe, you don't even look 35 to me! If you weren't married, I'd be out in IL chasing you down in a New York minute. LOL" Well, I posted a pic of me, so now you can come and really tell me if I look 35.... haha!

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