60 Minutes and the blues

This is my #496 post. Almost to 500 but not anything very interesting going on right now. I picked up a large pork loin on Friday (4.68 pounds!) and roasted that on Saturday. Didn't do any hiking or mowing--the things I was supposed to do this weekend. Even though the weather was just perfect, I had no interest in getting anything done. Do you ever feel like that?

I got some great pictures of the moon tonight. The humidity had dropped enough so that the pictures came out quite crisp. That was about all I did in terms of pictures. Not at all like 2 weeks ago when I took nearly 400 pictures at the zoo.

I'm going off to watch The Amazing Race in a second. I watched 60 Minutes and part of Men in Trees already. The 60 Minutes segment on depression was fairly interesting though a surgical solution like that sounds awful expensive. I think the projections of several billion in revenue for Medtronic as a result of this surgery might be pie-in-the-sky. Whoever made that forecast definitely was not depressed--manic is more like it. The segment on Bob Woodward's book was okay but it's all stuff that's blatently obvious. Does anyone in the US (or the rest of the world, for that matter) really think that the Bush Administration believed that BS intelligence that they used to justify going into Iraq? Even at the time they were widely accused of cherry picking the facts they wanted. But I guess it needs to come out in a Bob Woodward book to be considered serious information.

I hope that The Amazing Race picks up my spirits after all the depressing news on the 60 Minutes show!

I almost forgot to mention the search results for my page over the last 12 hours. They're the weirdest in a while:
  1. 20% michelle kneading posters
  2. 20% stalker bartender shotgun
  3. 20% step by step guide to enslave a jinn
  4. 20% wax paper,iron on patch
  5. 20% ofer bar-yosef arab

The "Jinn" thing has appeard before and was related to a post where I described a cartoon, I think, but the other 4 search results I've not seen before. I have no idea what posts I've done that would have fit those search terms...

Who in the world searches Yahoo or Google with the terms "stalker", "shotgun", and "bartender"? Reminds me of the troubled folk in that last 60 Minutes segment where the teens beat up, and sometimes kill, homeless people. Scary.


Teresa said…
LOL. What a post! The search may have been about some story in some town where a bartender was shot by someone stalker... I've done odd searches like that. Not that one exactly, but I have heard something on the news or seen a small article and wanted to know more and threw out words that to the average person won't seem to make sense. (I always make sense though!)

I missed most of 60 Minutes tonight. I checked on the football game and guessed when it would be over so I wouldn't miss TAR. I saw part of the bum fighting thing and Andy Rooney. Thanks for catching me up! :-)

Anne Heche kept her clothes on for most of the episode of Men in Trees. She wasn't really as undressed as she has been at the end either. Still, this week's episode wasn't keeping my attention, so I might have missed some gratuitous nudity.

I've also had one of those weekends where nothing gets done. I had planned to do things and didn't. I guess you are allowed to not get your chores done too...
kenju said…
I saw that segment too, Dave, and scary hardly covers it. I hope they are all in jail now, like the one they interviewed, and they should also put the guy that started the Bumfight DVD's in jail. He is partly to blame.
Michelle said…
I do my best to try and learn what i can re American politics, but you'll need to excuse my ignorance on Bob Woodward.....was he the fellow that wrote about the Nixon administration?? If so, i found it fascinating
Tara said…
Is it me, or are you finding this season of TAR a little boring? Where's all the drama?

And how do you find out the search results like that? I'd love to know how anyone finds me, lol.
Pearl said…
Hopefully they were trying to re-locate a news story, half remembered.

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