a new buddy

I hope you, my treasured guest, don't mind pictures of insects 'cause just below is a big picture of my newest bug friend. He was waiting outside my back door on Friday when I returned home from work and I just couldn't resist taking several pictures of him. I'm using the one below for my computer desktop for a while. I love the little hairs on his chin. So cute!

I got a few pictures also of this other bug but I don't know what kind it is. It looks a bit like a dragonfly but doesn't act like one. Any ideas? I like how you can see all 6 "arms" in that picture on the right. It was a windy day and the guy was really having to hold on tight.


mar said…
Wow, great shots Utenzi. I used to be really (I mean really ) scared of insects, I have learned to live with them. I realized they are more scared of me ... good to see you, Michele sent me :)
Anonymous said…
Wow, if he was having to hold on tight, then you have a great camera! Wonderful shot, Utenzi.

Michele sent me and I had to laugh when I got here, because of your remark that you hoped we didn't mind bugs. Funny you should say that... you might want to hop on over to my blog to see why this would have made me laugh. Suffice to say, I've had a buggy week...

Wonderful pics, Utenzi. Thanks for the enjoyable bugs. I needed that.

Blond Girl
Shane said…
a brilliant blossom
flitters away -
Carmi said…
You captured these scenes brilliantly.

The only thing that I'd mind is not seeing more of these. I have a funny feeling your images show up on lots of desktops.
Nikki-ann said…
That's a brilliant macro shot there :)

It looks like it's smiling and posing for you!

I'm OK with insects as long as their not near me and they're not 8-legged-freaks! Ergh! Hehe.
Shephard said…
Wow! I've never seen a dragonfly like that! And I lived in FL with lots of them. Beautiful photos.

Michele says hello!
FANTASIC SHOTS Utenzi! I can see why you would want to use these as a desktop. Sometimes bugs CAN be your friend. Hope you have a great week. Michele sent me tonight and I'm glad she did!
tiff said…
utenzi - looks like a "Halloween Penant," a type of skimmer related to dragonflies .


pretty close?

If not close enough, given the body color, check out this page to see if something else matches.

utenzi said…
That looks pretty damn close, Tiff. I think you might have it identified. Thanks!
The Doctor said…
My children are really inton insects as this is their first summer where they can really chase them through the field screaming with excitement. The good side is they are not afraid, the bad side is one of them caught a wasp (owie-bad wasp)They love your pictures.
Pearl said…
Middling good year for those grasshoppers. They do have handsome furry jaws.
Michelle said…
Hey Dave, great to have you back :o)
I love these bug photos, what cute critters they are!

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