Kathy Reichs

I'm just starting the new book (Break no Bones) by Kathy Reichs today. I finished Heat last night and it's time to move on, y'know?

Reichs has been writing fiction for 9 years now based on her professional experience as a forensic anthropologist. She works in Charlotte NC and Montreal (Quebec) Canada. The recent TV show Bones is based on her books.

This is the first book she's had published since the tv series started on FOX and I'm curious to see how it's written. Reichs has always had a very dark tone to her writing and I wonder if that'll change now.


indigo said…
Heard about the series although it has yet to come to Singapore. She sounds like an interesting read - it's been a while since I last picked up a thriller/detective novel. Any recommendations of which book I should start with?

Here from Michele *waves!* Have a good weekend Utenzi!
sophie said…
I'll have to get that one added to my list to read. Any other mystery/suspense/thrillers to recommend? I always need new authors.
Theo said…
thanks for all the reviews. now i can just sit by the pool and relax.

Michele sent me.

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